Discover SoM2M IoT version 1.4

The IoT platform that manages heterogeneous devices, networks, and data flows

Synox has developed a unique interface to centrally manage networks and heterogeneous devices, and to interconnect to business applications. SoM2M IoT Synox SoM2M IoT facilitates and accelerates the implementation of your Internet of Things projects.

The platform allows you to manage all your devices whatever the brand or model, they can be added via a wizard or via a csv file. From this same tool you can control all the networks you have: Cellular (single and multi-operator), LoRa (private/operated), Sigfox, Satellite…

The dashboard offers a complete view of your device pool to monitor it at a glance. The platform also gives the possibility to redirect all the data transmitted by the sensors and devices to third party data visualization applications.

Among the new SoM2M IoT features:

Two new network bricks. In addition to being compatible with LightweightM2M, Sigfox, private LoRa and LoRa Objenious. The platform now integrates the LoRa Orange and Synox network bricks. SoSECURE Synox network bricks. No matter which connectivity mode(s) you choose, you can manage them from the platform.

It is possible to group devices into fields even if they do not use the same communication protocol. This feature makes it easier to manage fleets with a large number of devices.

Park movement. In order to simplify the management of the park, devices can be moved between groups in only 2 clicks.

The geolocation of devices can be set automatically by the network or by the GPS information if there is one in the frame sent by the device, or according to an address entered manually. The resulting map gives you the location of all your sensors and gateways in real time. This way you know exactly where each of your devices is located for easy maintenance.

Advanced user management. With different profiles available and different levels of access, you can autonomously manage the rights of each user according to your needs and your privacy policy.

Synox is committed to providing intuitive solutions to simplify the deployment of IoT projects. Being attentive to our customers’ needs, our platforms evolve regularly according to their requirements.

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