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At the heart of an IoT project, the real magic happens when raw data is transformed into clear, analyzable and actionable ‘information’, not least thanks to an IoT platform. Our approach goes beyond this transformation: we work on enriching and adding value to this data to offer real added value to your business. An IoT platform lets you create your own dashboards with exceptional fluidity and simplicity, to track your indicators from near and far. Explore the infinite possibilities of data management and unleash its potential to propel your organization to new horizons.

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Data hosting

The exploitation of IoT data also relies on storage and hosting. All this data is sensitive and valuable, so it’s fundamental to opt for a reliable IoT platform and hosting solution.

At Synox, we master all the services required for a successful IoT project. Our offer covers both on-premise hosting, for total control, and solutions on a private or public cloud, offering flexibility and performance.

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SaaS or On Premise? Which architecture to choose?

Saas solutions: payment of a subscription

SaaS architecture enables a software solution to be used online, anywhere, anytime, from a browser.
How does it work?

    • The software is outsourced and accessible by network, for a subscription with the editor/host, on any browser.
    • Fully digitalized solution
    • Maintenance and updates provided by the service provider
    • Data access: Cloud computing
    • Turnkey solution
    • Data protection depends on the provider
    • Offshore data

On-premise solutions: purchase of a license

On-premise solutions are software whose architecture is physically present within a company.
How does it work?

    • The software is settled on the company’s servers which must first purchase a license from the publisher in order to use the software.
    • Remote access possible
    • Maintenance and updates depend on the internal IT department
    • Data access: even without internet
    • In-house data security
    • Data hosted on site

How does Synox host its customers' data?

At Synox, stored data remains the property of the customer according to our Data Protection Policy. Data centers are classified as Tier I, II, III and IV by the Uptime Institute, and our DataCenter, which houses Synox’s internal infrastructure and servers, is TIER IV, offering the highest level of availability and security with an architecture distributed over two interconnected sites. Connected objects collect data locally via sensors, which are then sent to an IoT platform in Cloud SaaS or On Premise mode, for transformation into relevant information for users.

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Analyze the data

Data is crucial to the development of IoT projects. The raw data collected by the sensors is transmitted to the IoT platform for analysis.

In this way, added value is created, and this data is no longer simply stored in databases, but becomes readable and exploitable to help you in your day-to-day work.

What’s more, with the massive flow of data from connected objects, real-time analysis becomes essential to extracting relevant information and responding to user needs with precision.

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How can you enhance and enrich your data flows?

A dedicated IoT (Internet of Things) platform plays a central role, bringing together data and communications from connected objects. Its primary objective: to simplify the collection, storage and processing of indicators derived from data, in order to better manage the connected environment and even automate operations.

Thinking of leveraging your data through an IoT platform? Take a few moments to explore how this type of ecosystem works.


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A platform adapted to business profiles

To allow a use that meets the expectations of a user who does not have an “expert” or “technical” profile but rather a “business” profile. The main expectation of this type of user is to access clear information in an intuitive and easily understandable way.

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Customizable dashboards

The data visualization solution chosen for an IoT project must facilitate the analysis work of the users, thanks to easy-to-use functionalities, ready-to-use dashboards and customizable at will.

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Clear and structured data

Business profiles expect the solution to present data in a structured and clear way so that they do not have to waste time understanding graphs and indicators.

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