Kinéis and Synox, strategic partners

Kineis satellite connectivity

The strength of this partnership lies in the complementary nature of its players. The satellite connectivity provided by Kinéis and the platform edited by Synox make it possible to offer a complementary service. As a result, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive, innovative range of products tailored to their specific needs.

Patrice Tajan, Business Developer at Kineis, shares his experience with us.

“From the moment we were in contact, we identified a strong interest in working together, and we quickly understood each other. We have collaboration opportunities and concrete use cases, and have succeeded in working together very effectively to meet our customers’ needs, while at the same time being able to integrate our solutions. Our partnership shows real efficiency,” says Patrice Tajan.

“We really have a great interest in working together.”

Who is Kinéis?

Specialist in satellite connectivity

Kinéis is an innovative French start-up based in Toulouse. Part of the French NewSpace sector, it is a spin-off of the French CLS(Collecte et Localisation Satellite) group.

Kinéis provides IoT connectivity via satellite in a number of sectors, including mining, energy, agriculture, transport, logistics, maritime, science and the environment. Its business consists of connecting objects manufactured by its partners all over the world.

Kinéis’ added value lies in its ability to connect objects located in isolated areas, ensuring global coverage. In fact, only 15% of the world’s surface is covered by terrestrial connectivity solutions such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox, LTE-M, NB-IoT or cellular solutions. Kinéis plays a key role in the remaining 85%, with its IoT offering. Kinéis is the first constellation in Europe to provide a dedicated IoT satellite service. As a result, the amount of data, consumption and costs are relatively low, representing an innovation in the satellite market. Kinéis’ strength lies not only in the global coverage it can provide, but also in its ability to address the IoT sector.

A partnership with many benefits

“We have high expectations of our relationship with Synox. This is of great interest to end-customers, who benefit from structured, scalable platform solutions that provide functionalities that meet their operational needs. “adds Patrice Tajan.

“The partnership with Synox is in line with our business model. This alliance fits in perfectly with our strategy and enables us to address our end customers through Synox. It enables us to reach new opportunities that we wouldn’t necessarily have been able to identify ourselves, through your existing customer network”, confirms Patrice Tajan.

In fact, our partnership with Kineis generates real synergies and gives rise to some very promising projects and customer cases. Today, we’ve had the opportunity to begin a collaboration with Exotic Systems and Rivercity Innovations, two device manufacturers who have developed trackers incorporating Kinéis technology. These trackers feed data back into the IoT platforms edited by Synox, in order to address end customers.

“At Synox, we see a wealth of expertise in data management, and in how data is transcribed to be visualized and adapted to customers’ operational needs. So, obviously, we see a strong interest in this partnership”, says Patrice Tajan.

KINEIS TESTIMONIAL“What we appreciate most about Synox is your speed of integration of new technologies, and the ability to bring these technologies to market very quickly, with robust and scalable solutions.”

Patrice TAJAN, Business Developer at Kinéis

A partnership based on trust

Our ecosystem is rich and made up of many partners with different profiles and needs. That’s why we offer several programs, with different levels of benefits and responsibilities.

“In particular, you offer different partner programs, which enabled a company like us to benefit from an adapted solution”, testifies Patrice TAJAN.

Discover the Partner Program

We make it a point of honor to build solid, long-term relationships with our partners, based on a climate of trust that is conducive to the development of our shared ambitions. Our alliance with Kinéis testifies to this commitment.

“We’re moving forward with this mutual trust, and it’s all based on the human relationship. My colleagues and I immediately hit it off with the Synox teams. Although there’s innovation and risks to be taken on both sides, we haven’t put on any brakes,” says Patrice Tajan.

Then he adds:

“The partnership with Synox opens the door to new technologies that meet identified needs.

Kinéis and Synox have built a common structure around shared values:


Openness to new technologies

Accompany your customers

Listening to customers

Get an IoT kit that is easy to set up independently

Delivering quality IoT projects

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