Ercogener and Synox, experts in logistics

“We are both customer-focused, and we are committed to adapting our solutions to our customers’ use cases and requirements,” says Ludovic De Nicolay.

Synox and Ercogener have been partners for many years now. And, if the collaboration is so successful, it is thanks to a common vision and values that are in line.

Ercogener, Synox manufacturing partner

Ercogener is part of the Zekat group, which consists of 3 divisions:

An equipment manufacturer

and manufactures lifting arms

A mechatronics cluster

which designs and develops 100% French electronic boards

A digital centre

for solutions dedicated to logistics and transport, and to agriculture

All the sensors that Ercogener designs are produced within the second division of the group and the entire design, integration and adaptation to the different customers takes place within the digital division.

Ercogener is therefore one of the 3 brands that make up the digital pole of the Zekat Group, alongside fly4u, a solution dedicated to logistics and IoF, in the field of agriculture.

Our partner benefits from more than 40 years of experience, which gives it a strong durability, a certain stability and an ease to project itself on the long term.

An experienced and agile French partner

SYNOX TEMOIGNAGE MATH“Why does the synergy work so well with Ercogener? Because they share the same values and the same business vision as us. The combination of their hardware expertise and ours in terms of the platform allows us to provide an adapted and user-centered response”, testifies Mathieu BORIE, Business Manager at Synox.

The manufacturer masters end-to-end design and production, which means it can easily adapt its products to specific use cases. In the IoT, the adaptability of the offering is a key factor. Each customer has a unique problem, with a particular use ase. Having a partner who shares our vision focused on the customer is therefore essential to meet the various needs we encounter.

“Synox and Ercogener share the same customer-centric approach. Our companies are on a human scale, which allows us to be reactive, but also to be able to project ourselves over several years and to benefit from a certain level of reliability and industrialization of the products”, testifies Ludovic De Nicolay.

Moreover, just like Synox, Ercogener wants to be interoperable, once again to best meet the needs of end customers. Ludovic De Nicolay confirms it:

“We are experts in all radio communications, so we are able to use the most appropriate technology for the use case, or even combine two technologies if needed.”

The two partners also share a French-style expertise, driven by a desire to maintain the authenticity of their know-how.

“We have a French DNA, and it carries our know-how.”

A partnership that gives birth to projects

SYNOX TESTIMONIAL ERCOGENER“We can’t respond to end customers alone, so we need to partner with an integrator who can offer the part that is visible to the customer: dashboards, monitoring, provisioning and project management. This is what we find at Synox,” adds Ludovic De Nicolay.

The collaboration between the partners has thus taken shape through several beautiful projects. More than a dozen object models are integrated on our IoT platforms.

Discover the catalog of objects

“The benefit for the client is the fact that we have a packaged solution. We organize together the functioning of the device with the platform. The solution is functional, easily deployable and simple to use. Having a single contact makes the project simpler and more functional for the end customer,” says Ludovic De Nicolay.

The cold chain sector, and more generally the logistics sector, offers many opportunities in France and even in Europe. The optimization of logistic and industrial flows represents the core business of Ercogener, and leads to a multitude of projects to be studied together.

“We are interested in Synox as an integrator because you know how to promote our devices and our electronic and device-making know-how. You also have significant expertise in device management, and you know how to promote technical solutions to end customers,” adds Ludovic De Nicolay.

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