PYRESCOM, a Smart City partner

PYRESCOM, designer of Made in France sensors, is a Synox partner. This collaboration brings a complete solution to the market, built by two complementary IoT players.

Pauline Pontis, Marketing Manager at PYRESCOM, shares her vision of the partnership and its benefits.

Complementary collaboration

SYNOX TESTIMONIAL PYRESCOM PAULINE PONTIS“Everyone puts their area of expertise forward, and it works well. We have our platform, but our specialty is hardware. Synox brings us another level of analysis and a real complementarity on the supervision side”, .says Pauline.

To make life easier for its customers, Synox wants to provide them with complete, end-to-end solutions that meet their needs, however diverse they may be. PYRESCOM is a major player in our ecosystem and , with us, is revolutionizing the Smart City.

“The advantage is that we can identify projects and provide a global solution. With our own areas of expertise, we can each identify projects for which the other can contribute his or her expertise”, confirms Pauline.

And in concrete terms, what are the subjects that drive us?

Revolutionizing the Smart City

,The collaboration is mainly based on responding to two smart city use cases. First, indoor air quality.

It’s a subject that’s been in the news for a number of years, and one that we haven’t heard the last of.

“Our Class’Air connected sensors measure CO2, VOCs, temperature and more. Some are connected for a more global view, particularly in schools where there is a real need, since a decree regulates the monitoring of indoor air quality. In conjunction with Synox, we feed this information back into the supervision platform.”, adds Pauline.

Indoor air quality has in fact been facing numerous regulations since 2015. At the end of 2022, a new decree modified the procedures for monitoring indoor air quality in nursery, primary and secondary schools. And that’s not all! By 2025, it will also be compulsory in nursing homes and, more generally, in healthcare establishments open to the public.

Air quality

Pauline explains: “This regulation requires 3 types of measures:

  • Every year, they take a 2-hour measurement in a classroom and identify any problems.
  • Then, every 4 years, a self-diagnosis must be carried out, including more detailed measurements using a calibrated sensor with a certificate.
  • Et Finally, at each key stage in the life of the building (e.g. a new paint job), a new analysis including CO2 measurements is required. ”

This makes it essential for local authorities to equip themselves with solutions that meet the many current and future regulatory requirements.

Another Smart City challenge is the supervision of street lighting.

“EPnrj is a module that we install in public lighting cabinets to supervise lighting and night-time shutdowns in particular. The aim is to respond to the need for energy savings. Thanks to Synox’s supervision platform, public lighting management becomes global”, adds Pauline.

There are currently no regulations governing public lighting. But the issue of energy sobriety is becoming increasingly important, and the cost of energy is fuelling the problem. Street lighting accounts for over 40% of a municipality’s electricity consumption and budgets.

SYNOX TESTIMONIAL PYRESCOM PAULINE PONTIS“Many local authorities are switching to night-time cut-offs to save money. All you have to do is install these connected modules in the cabinets to control them remotely. The return on investment is very rapid”, says Pauline.

Smart City topics are diverse and varied. The IoT is capable of helping communities on many levels, which is one of the strengths of our partnership.

“Our favorite thing about Synox is the way you approach the Smart City. I think it’s a good vision, to bring interconnected projects and a global vision of the smart city.”, confirms Pauline.

Street lighting

The community at the heart of collaboration

“You have a target similar to ours, and a supervision tool that can meet a number of different needs, depending on the customer. Together, we can expand throughout France and even consider exporting in the future”, says Pauline.

Indoor air quality is an issue that concerns town councils, which are responsible for nurseries, pre-schools and elementary school. But it also concerns the regions for high schools and the départements for middle schools. “We’re addressing local authorities at all levels.

Pauline adds: “There is also financial aid, managed by the energy associations, which help town halls to equip themselves. So we’re also talking to the unions to help them promote this aid to town halls, so that they can install air quality sensors in their schools.”

When it comes to street lighting, two businesses are involved. Firstly, town halls, which again often call on the energy syndicates, to whom we turn. Then, companies involved in public lighting renovation projects. “In their renovation projects, they integrate connected cabinets.”

Pyrescom, a manufacturer made in France

With over 35 years’ experience, PYRESCOM develops connected solutions for Smart City, Smart Health and Smart Enterprise. A data specialist, PYRESCOM imagines, prototypes, designs and manufactures its products in France. Today, PYRESCOM has more than 8,000 customers in over 50 countries. As a member of La French Fab, PYRESCOM aims to be a company that is rooted in and committed to its local area, and turned towards the world.

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