Connected water management: the key role of connected objects

Explore water management 2.0, a simpler, more sustainable and safer way of managing water resources.

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Intelligent water management

Discover more intelligent water management adapted to your environment with Synox. Our customized solutions meet the challenges of water management in a wide range of sectors, including urban utilities, dam supervision, remote meter reading and much more. We combine M2M technology and the use of connected objects with our 15 years of expertise to optimize water use, guaranteeing efficiency and sustainability in your projects.

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Your questions about smart watering

How can we improve water management?

First and foremost, the social aspect of water management policies must be taken into account. We need to think about applying integrated approaches by territory and ecosystem, collaborating with the private sector and initiating tests to audit environmental and consumption parameters.

In this way, you can improve the overall management of water resources: drinking water quality, sanitation, resource allocation, leak detection, pricing, watering, remote reading of water meters… There are many uses that can be audited, monitored and optimized.

What is sustainable water management?

Sustainable water management means using and managing this resource efficiently and with respect for the environment, balancing human needs with the preservation of ecosystems. It includes :

  • water conservation,
  • reducing pollution,
  • and the adoption of innovative technologies (such as smart watering and remote meter reading).

For local authorities, there is also a water safety and quality dimension. That’s why Synox offers M2M and IoT solutions for real-time monitoring of river levels, dams and soil conditions.

These technologies enable more precise and responsive management, notably with an alerting system.

This approach aims to satisfy current needs while protecting those of future generations, thus contributing to sustainable and resilient territories.

How does Synox integrate intelligent irrigation into its water management systems?

We use IoT sensors to adjust watering based on actual soil, farm and weather needs.

This reduces water consumption and increases efficiency in agriculture and urban planning (e.g. watering green spaces for local authorities).

With connected objects, we are able to act on hygrometric measurement and on the actuation of automated systems to reduce the need for intervention and generate considerable savings.

What are Synox's applications for soil condition monitoring?

Our technologies monitor soil moisture and composition, essential for sustainable agriculture and urban planning, providing accurate data for optimal water management.

Our customers, who use these solutions, are very satisfied with them, and they are even driving innovation, with the implementation of tests to continue deepening and improving these use cases to cover 100% of expectations.

What is remote meter reading with Synox?

We offer IoT solutions for remote reading of water meters, enabling water boards and water management associations to collect accurate data remotely, enabling them to reduce costs, adjust the billing system and improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance (connected remote reading meters, boilers, etc.).

Remote metering is an essential parameter for avoiding under-metering, which is often observed in building consumption management. Some even add sub-meters to keep track of consumption in a single dwelling. The connected meter can also be used to analyze the amount of water consumed by a single piece of equipment (by installing a flowmeter directly on a pipe, for example).

How does Synox's M2M and IoT technology improve river flow management?

We use sensors with different types of connectivity, as well as M2M SIM cards, to guarantee communication with our customers’ existing objects and systems for remote monitoring and control of a wide range of parameters.

For example: the automation of hammer gates, thanks to IoT, enables more precise and rapid management of water levels, contributing to better regulation of watercourses and the prevention of overflows.

Advanced IoT systems play an important role in monitoring and regulating water levels, enabling proactive storm and river water management, and helping to prevent flooding and optimize water resources.

This ensures efficient management and a high level of responsiveness.

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Why is good water management crucial?

Connected water management is a constantly evolving market.
In France, the total length of wastewater networks is estimated at 425,000 km2, or around 10 times the circumference of the Earth. In 2017, 2.3 billion m³ of wastewater were treated, highlighting the scale of this sector. These figures underline the essential importance of implementing effective solutions for optimized water management, both for the preservation of this increasingly scarce resource and for the savings of local authorities, structures and citizens.

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Vehicle fleet
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Why work with us?

By integrating our M2M and IoT technologies, our customers significantly improve water monitoring, control and management.

This collaboration enables them to optimize processes, reduce costs and ensure more sustainable and virtuous resource management.

For us, precision is one of the pillars of data collection and a better ability to respond rapidly to environmental challenges, while complying with industry regulations.

We work to provide a complete solution for enlightened and efficient water management.

Choose your devices

Choose your devices

Humidity, pressure, temperature, fill rate… Depending on your needs, Synox can advise you on the choice of sensor and facilitate on-site installation.

Connect your devices

Connect your devices

To transport and secure your data, Synox recommends M2M transmitters and SIM cards adapted to your project.

Securing your data

Securing your data

We provide you with an open and interoperable data collection and analysis platform that safely aggregates all your data with third-party data.

Host your data

Host your data

A TIER IV type hosting and storage solution, based in France, which combines density, environmental awareness, availability and security.

Leverage your data

Leverage your data

We offer an open data visualization platform that joins all of your third-party flows and allows you to manage them in a simplified, secure and customizable turnkey interface.


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