Synox and Rivercity Innovations now partners!

Synox is pleased to announce the arrival of a new international partner in its ecosystem: Rivercity Innovations (RCI), an IoT platform publisher and sensor manufacturer based in Canada.

We are very happy to have built this partnership with a Canadian company like Rivercity Innovations, which is totally in line with our development strategy. We are delighted to find distributors, and even partners, with whom we have real complementarities.

FirstFirstly, shared values: for a partnership to work, there must be a common understanding of the use of IoT.For a partnership to work, there must be a common vision of how to use the IoT.

SecondThe complementarity is found in the offer: they have hardware expertise on the Canadian territory, and we have expertise in device management and data visualization platforms. “, says Emmanuel Mouton, CEO of Synox.

An international challenge for both parties

This partnership will allow both companies to expand internationally.

On the one hand, Rivercity Innovations will be able to enter the European market and develop in France. On the other hand, for Synox, this partnership offers the opportunity to open up the Canadian market.

Indeed, we are now ready to offer Synox and SoFLEET IoT solutions in Canada, via Rivercity Innovations.

Walid Turki, our Business Manager, explains: “From an operational point of view, this partnership gives us a commercial advantage through RCI, its ecosystem and its partners. We will now be able to offer more diversified and developed solutions. The objective of this partnership? To master the national market, and to focus more on the international market. This partnership opens a door to the international market and gives us more confidence to offer solutions in North America. “.


Emmanuel Mouton, our CEO, adds that This partnership will allow Rivercity Innovations to expand in Europe and Synox to open a door to the American continent. The fact that a major player like Rivercity Innovations can partner with Synox and its platforms gives credibility to our positioning and our technological advancements.”

The advantage of this partnership for our customers

“The benefit of this partnership for Synox customers? It will make the company and its skills grow by offering our products on the international market. It will consolidate our expertise, the functionalities of our solutions, the uses and expand our know-how. We share common values and a common market vision with Rivercity Innovations: we will be able to grow together and respond to our customers’ issues in an efficient, well thought-out and collaborative manner. This partnership shows mutual respect and promises great prospects”, supports Emmanuel Mouton.

About RCI

Saskatoon-based Rivercity Innovations manufactures world-class sensors for IoT solutions, including cold chain monitoring, GPS, temperature, humidity and other data required by the company. RCI is known for its expertise on LoRa and sensor engineering. Its existing customer solutions include everything from refrigerator monitoring for pharmacies, grocery stores and supermarkets, to GPS tracking and environmental monitoring for commercial building owners or vacant unit monitoring.

About Synox

As a publisher and integrator of IoT platforms, Synox supports companies and local authorities wishing to implement their IoT projects easily and securely, regardless of the objects and technology used.

Its mission: to enable companies and communities to transform themselves by taking advantage of the potential of new IoT technologies, in complete autonomy and with a view to sustainable development.

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