ELA Innovation, partner of Synox

The complementary nature of their offers, their shared vision and their proximity have made ELA Innovation and Synox partners for several years now. A collaboration that has given rise to some exciting projects.

Pierre BONZOM, founder of ELA Innovation, shares his views with us.

   “The idea with SoDATA#Viz is to deliver a complete solution that meets customer demand.”

The complementary relationship between the sensor designer and manufacturer and Synox, editor and integrator, is obvious:

SYNOX TEMOIGNAGE ELA INNOVATION PIERRE BONZOM“We supply hardware and don’t have a business solution like SoDATA#Viz. With hardware, software and data management, we can provide a turnkey solution for the customer”, confirms Pierre.

85% of ELA Innovation’s business is represented by indirect sales. This means that the manufacturer sells its products to integrators, who verticalize an offer and then sell directly to the end-user.

For example, a fleet manager needs to track data such as: trailer temperature, door opening, driver identification, etc. It will therefore need a business application to which the data collected by ELA Innovation sensors can be fed and analyzed.

The remaining 15% are requests from major accounts, who ask ELA Innovation to deliver a global solution and become both a technology supplier and an integrator.

“In this context, we don’t have a tool for packaging a user interface. When we have to deliver to end-users, we need a platform that’s flexible enough to meet their demands, which are quite varied. We use the SoM2M#IoT and SoDATA#Viz platforms to create dashboards for them and integrate into their business.”, says Pierre.

While the complementary nature of the two offers is beyond doubt, the responsiveness of the two respective teams has confirmed the solidity of the partnership.

He adds: “We have the opportunity to meet quite easily, which makes things easier. This proximity has become a strong point in our collaboration, and has shown that the Synox teams have been responsive, involved in the project and understanding.”

Protection for lone workers

Focus on customers

“The benefit for the customer is to have a single point of contact. In this way, we avoid problems of deferral of responsibility, who is responsible for the system’s operation.”

The project most representative of this partnership is the protection of isolated workers for SNCF. This use case responds to a widespread problem: many people work in underground tunnels, whether they’re building or renovating. A large number of workers are therefore subject to this safety issue on construction sites.

“We have packaged an offer with this feedback focused on monitoring workers for their safety in high-risk areas. We even have a solution for a multitude of worksites, for which we rent equipment with the Synox platform for medium-term rental.” says Pierre.

About ELA Innovation

For over 20 years, ELA Innovation has been designing and manufacturing wireless IoT sensors deployed in various industrial sectors around the world. Its mission: to enable companies to measure, optimize and secure their resources and production processes by collecting a wide range of data.

With over 50 employees, the company is divided into 3 major teams, the largest of which is dedicated to Research and Development, an integral part of ELA Innovation’s DNA.

SYNOX TEMOIGNAGE ELA INNOVATION PIERRE BONZOMPierre explains: “What sets us apart? We offer highly energy-efficient products. Our products are completely autonomous and are capable of carrying the least amount of energy possible by designing the smallest possible batteries with the longest possible service life.”

As a leader inasset tracking in the mobility sector, this differentiating factor is a real strength for ELA Innovation. Human intervention on a vehicle in constant motion is very complicated indeed, so being able to do without it is an asset.

“The aim is to create products that require no maintenance on the part of our users,” says Pierre.

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