Atim and Synox, a complementary partnership

“Synox is an integral part of the IoT ecosystem, and IIoT for the industrial part.”

Discover the testimony of Etienne RAIMBERT, Technical Salesman at Atim.

Two complementary partners

Atim, designer and manufacturer of sensors, enables Synox to complete its offer. Sensors collect a lot of data, but need a platform to return it, as well as platforms need objects that collect that data.

“The partnership with Synox brings us a complementary offer, which allows us to meet the needs of end customers. The platform provides an essential added value to the use of our sensors”, confirms Etienne RAIMBERT.

This collaboration offers customers a complete offer and the control of an end-to-end and “plug & play ” offer, all with two experts in their field.

“Synox and Atim have a very good understanding of the protocols, uses and are flexible. At Atim, we have a fairly large catalog of objects, which allows us to meet a large number of uses in different sectors of activity, just like Synox,” says Etienne RAIMBERT.

Since both partners are present in multiple sectors of activity and are able to respond together to various problems, many projects are possible and envisaged.

SYNOX TEMOIGNAGE ATIM ETIENNE RAIMBERT “To support the customer, it is important to know all the strengths of the solution. We train Synox, so that the technical and sales teams have a thorough knowledge of our products”, testifies Etienne RAIMBERT .

Both Synox and Atim have a complete and historical mastery of LPWAN technologies. The fact of being able to propose a complete offer made up of Atim industrial sensors and an expert Synox platform recognized by the users brings a real customer benefit.

“The added value of Synox is that it can provide a multi-purpose and multi-protocol solution. We are also committed to having French partners”, says Etienne RAIMBERT.

Then he adds:
“The user experience enabled by Synox is recognized today. We hear about Synox regularly, which is important. Then, we have a very good relationship with the teams.”

Meet our partner, Atim

ATIM has been a radio expert for over 25 years and is a pioneer in M2M and IoT. Designer and manufacturer of a complete range of LoRa and Sigfox wireless communication sensors, Atim provides industrial solutions based on plug & play.

In 2011, Atim meets Ludovic LE MOEN, founder of Sigfox. They quickly decided to develop their own communication module based on this technology. Atim has therefore participated in one of Sigfox’s first projects: to equip the water heating company of Grenoble to detect water leaks.

A year later, Atim met the founder of the LoRa protocol, Cycléo (acquired by SEMTECH in 2012). As for Sigfox, Atim chose to develop its own LoRa module, which allowed it to be part of the Live Objects (Orange) and Objenious (Bouygues Telecom) demonstration cases, to promote LoRa in France through operators.

Today, Atim has a wide range of products based on LoRa and Sigfox technologies and on a wide variety of uses, from temperature to air quality, including remote reading, leak detection, etc. Like Synox, Atim addresses multiple sectors, in the industrial field as well as in the smart city, in the smart building or even in the smart farming.

From now on, the device maker is also working on new telecom standards (LTE-M/NB-IoT) that will accelerate the deployment of IoT solutions.

A powerful device maker

Atim is known for its ability to offer long-life batteries.

“ATIM is identified as the sensor manufacturer with the largest battery capacity in the market,” confirms Etienne RAIMBERT.

Atim’s advantage also lies in its primary expertise: radio. All of Atim’s production is developed and designed in-house. The manufacturer designs the entire electronic board and the antenna, which is developed according to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and the communication module.

“We have very good radio performance. They even allow us to succeed in communicating on the network operated under cast iron plates, for example,” says Etienne RAIMBERT.

Indeed, the good radio performance of Atim allows to increase the battery life. The two major advantages of Atim are therefore interconnected and allow the manufacturer to stand out, and thus to be able to respond to multiple use cases.

ATIM manufactures in France and controls all aspects of production, from component procurement to delivery. This corresponds to the expectations of customers who prefer short circuits.

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