Cap’IoT Smart Transport, an event dedicated to the transport and logistics industry

On Friday, June 14, 2019, Cap’IoT Smart Transport, the annual Synox event, took place. For this 5th edition, a panel of experts has been gathered on round tables around three themes:

transport and logistics, fleet management and urban mobility.

The afternoon was dedicated to Synox partners, who led workshops and demonstrations of their IoT solutions for the transport and logistics sector.

The place of man and data management at the heart of the round tables

IoT, transport and logistics, the winning trio

During the first round table Christophe Caset-Carricaburu, President of Services Ecusson Vert, Olivier Guilbaud, CEO of Ineo Sense and Benoît Tournier, Marketing Director – Mobile IoT Solutions of Sierra Wireless were gathered to answer the question:

How does IoT help optimize the supply chain in freight transport?

At the heart of the concerns of companies, and in particular of the freight transport sector, the supply chain is one of the major subjects of the IoT. Time saving and operational efficiency, cost reduction, traceability, real time remote vehicle diagnostics but also flow management, last mile management, safety or controls are the different aspects addressed during this first round table.

Our experts gave an overview of the subject and then gave us their point of view on the evolution of the sector and in particular on the CSR dimension. And to conclude, they developed the subject of the place of the Man in these transformations and how to make them accept these new technologies which impact their jobs and their daily life

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IoT for enterprise fleet management

After the round table dedicated to IoT and the supply chain, a second panel of experts gathered around the modernization of corporate fleet management. Pascal Duverger, Product Manager of Free2Move, Samuel Vals, Managing Director of Kuantic and Philippe Malagola, Hérault Director of Enedis, joins Laurie Mailhac, User Experience Manager at Synox, to discuss the following issue:

How does IoT improve and modernize enterprise fleet management?

Comfort, safety and budgetary requirements are the key words for a good management of a company car fleet. Maintenance, fuel, use, choice of models but also users are all parameters to be taken into account. In addition to these essential elements, the IoT makes it possible to analyse usage times, optimise habits, routes and schedules by collecting and processing the available data.

During the round table, our experts discussed the transformation of the fleet management sector, which increasingly takes into account the user experience by offering personalized services adapted to each situation. Indeed, today, we no longer do basic fleet management by measuring indicators that do not speak to drivers, we integrate them into the process to improve uses.

They then developed the discourse on innovative services that are revolutionizing uses and on the management of personal data (especially the RGPD).

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IoT and urban mobility, the challenges of tomorrow

The Cap’IoT 2019 morning ended with a final panel of experts gathered around the following issue:

How does the IoT serve urban mobility and the citizen?

François Fortun, Sales Manager at Here Technologies, Chloé Perreau, Mobility and Logistics Officer at the Metropolis of Montpellier and Franck Cazenave, Smart Cities Director at Bosch shed light on mobility, IoT and the major urban challenges ahead.

The challenge of today’s and tomorrow’s cities is to be intelligent by relying on new technologies and IoT, in short, by being hyperconnected. Improving the quality of services, social and societal innovations, flow management, energy savings and the development of intelligent and sustainable transport modes are the main challenges to be met. To succeed in this challenge and adapt, cities will have to collaborate and communicate with all the players in the smart city sector. Our experts, both from the public and private sectors, detailed the solutions implemented to meet these challenges. They concluded on the amount of data available, and how to protect it and make the best use of it.

This last round table was an opportunity to take stock of current and future practices concerning IoT and urban mobility. More generally, this morning’s debates highlighted the major trends in IoT applied to transport, such as the importance of the user, the preservation of the environment, the emergence of new business models and, of course, the issue of data, from use to protection. Beyond these issues, there was also the question of the new societal model we are building and the underlying ethical questions.

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Innovative solutions to transform the transport and logistics business.

The afternoon of the Cap’IoT day was an opportunity to discover the IoT solutions developed by Synox partners. Several case studies were presented to give concrete examples of projects already deployed.

The partners also gave live demonstrations of their products and services and answered the various questions of the participants. This convivial moment encouraged exchanges and gave the opportunity to discuss with the morning’s speakers and professionals of the sector.

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