Visiativ and Synox, historical partners


Visiativ has been with us for over 15 years and is one of Synox’s historical partners. Who better to talk about it than Sébastien CULTET, Business Partner at Visiativ? He gives us his testimony.

“My vision of the partnership? A solid and integrated partnership that provides Visiativ’s Preventive Maintenance solution customers with qualified data and alerts from their connected equipment via Synox’s IIoT solutions. When our industrial customers need to be supported in an IIoT project, they find in Synox an experienced provider with turnkey solutions.”

Working in collaboration with a player such as Visiativ is an opportunity to showcase and highlight what we can build together.

SYNOX TEMOIGNAGE SEB PRADES“The partnership with Visiativ represents for Synox a collaboration with a major player in the industry. But it is also two partners who have known each other for a very long time and have built a relationship of trust.”
Sébastien PRADES, OnDemand Manager at Synox

Sébastien CULTET confirms this, saying:

“Human values, sharing and simplicity are common values that we share, which is very important to us. You are agile, far from being a sclerotic structure. This makes you close to your customers, with whom you manage to create a certain intimacy.”

Visiativ, specialist in digital transformation

Visiativ is a French company with over 35 years of existence. His job? To accompany companies in their transformations, in the plural:

  • Digital transformation
  • Transformation of information systems security
  • Transformation of innovation financing
  • Transformation of R&D
  • Transformation of production systems
  • Etc.

Through diagnostics and audits, Visiativ identifies the needs and challenges of its customers and then supports them in these transformations, using the software solution it publishes. This is where the diagnostics, roadmaps and choices made by users are referenced.

A beneficial partnership for customers

The alliance between Synox and Visiativ provides expertise, assistance in choosing the right sensors and connectivity, and a secure data collection process to leverage IIoT for the maintenance of connected equipment. The interconnection between the Synox and Visiativ platforms allows for the supervision of industrial equipment and the ability to anticipate their maintenance.

The interconnection between the Synox and Visiativ platforms allows for the supervision of equipment, thanks to :

  • Anticipation of interventions, and thus optimization of maintenance planning
  • The guarantee of a good exploitation of the material used
  • Increased efficiency through time savings
  • The realization of significant savings

“This partnership allows us to strengthen our links to develop common projects”, says Sébastien CULTET.

This partnership has resulted in two major customer successes, Airwell and VapéRail.


Airwell, French expert and creator of thermal solutions, has managed to transform its customer relations by connecting its equipment. Airwell’s customers, thanks to the AirHome application, can now control their equipment remotely on a single application, and better monitor their energy consumption.

Vaperail Webinar IoT Project

VapéRail International, specialized in the development of solutions dedicated to the modern railroad and its environment, wanted to facilitate the monitoring and maintenance of railway infrastructures. Now, VapéRail is able to offer its customers the ability to supervise the rail network, anticipate field interventions and gain in efficiency.

SYNOX TESTIMONIAL VISIATIV“Synox’s greatest quality is its expertise on the full range of topics that affect IoT. At Synox, you have the ability to understand a customer’s problem and turn it into a project, and then into reality.”
Sébastien CULTET, Business Partner at Visiativ


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