Watteco, partner of Synox

The partnership between Watteco and Synox is the association of two experts. We are experts in sensor manufacturing and we need a partner who is an expert in the field of customer business applications. We have found this expertise at Synox.

Discover the testimony of Ludovic Callier, Business Developer at Watteco.

“Each of the two partners is looking to enhance and deepen their area of expertise. It is this combination of experts that makes it possible to have a fully complete and operational offer. “says Ludovic Callier.

Walid TURKI, Business Manager at Synox, shares his vision with us:
“Synox has a strong partnership culture. We are constantly looking for partners who share our end-user centric vision. Watteco is the perfect example of a long term and reliable partner:



via its sensors that respond to impactful issues in our IoT ecosystem such as Building, City and Industry.



Because we tested the sensors in the field in terms of discriminated data and accuracy of information.”

The partnership with Watteco offers us the opportunity to provide a complete offer to the end customer. The response provided is global, reliable and rapidly operational. It can thus integrate all its needs and expectations directly.

SYNOX TESTIMONIAL WATTECO“What sets Synox apart from other integrators is its staff, its responsiveness, the accessibility of its tools and its presence in France and abroad. Synox also has an excellent knowledge of its market and its customers, and adapts very well to meet their needs. That’s what makes the difference,” added Ludovic Callier.

Synox has an excellent knowledge of its market and customers, and is very adaptable to meet their needs. That’s what makes the difference.

Learn more about our partner

Watteco, designer and manufacturer of LPWAN radio frequency transceivers, is one of the European leaders in intelligent sensor solutions and multi-protocol data collection systems. A company with about 35 employees and a turnover of more than 4 million euros in 2022, Watteco is no longer part of the NKE Group, which had acquired it in 2014.

Watteco’s activity is then made up of 3 areas:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Preventive maintenance in the industry
  • White label design for historical brands in heating

Watteco manufactures all of its products in France, which allows them to benefit from a great deal of flexibility with regard to orders and to keep control of the manufacturing process. This allows Watteco to offer a wide range of sensors and to meet all of its customers’ needs.

SYNOX TESTIMONIAL WALIDWatteco combines diversification and robustness. We at Synox are happy to be able to grow and to help partners like Watteco grow. Our common vision allows us to intervene in the broadest sense of the word in all sectors of activity. The synergy is impactful for us as well as for the end user, who benefits from a complete solution including sensors, connectivity, platform, security, control and maintenance. “adds Walid TURKI

Great opportunities

What do Watteco and Synox have in common? Their international ambitions.

Watteco is present in all European countries and even beyond. The objective is to establish Watteco in the Spanish market. The fact that Synox is also developing in Spain represents a very interesting opportunity for the partnership. “confirms Ludovic Callier.

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