Who do we help and how?

We are an integrator and publisher of IoT solutions. We support the digital transformation of companies and communities of all sizes.

The IoT is growing rapidly and transforming all industries. Every company has an opportunity to use this technology to increase productivity, generate savings and develop new services for their customers.

We are experts in integrating and publishing IoT platforms that can help businesses and communities embrace Internet of Things technologies, such as smart buildings, smart cities, smart logistics, smart health and more.

With the emergence of IoT, it is inevitable that this technology will reshape our future. Our mission is to offer you the best of the technological advances and to support you from start to finish in the implementation of the solution thanks to our expertise on each of the bricks that compose an IoT project.

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nos realisations iot

When do companies and communities call on Synox?

Working with Synox

You want to find growth drivers for your company by creating new high value-added services for your customers and prospects, in France and abroad.

quick wins iot

You are seeking to transform your internal processes and accelerate the digital transformation of your business to become more competitive.

OPEN iot

You have already developed a part of the technical solution and you wish to find an agnostic partner who will bring you the complementary technological brick without calling the previous technological choices into question.

IoT expert

You want to be accompanied by a single contact who will be able to advise and guide you on all the components of an IoT project, including hardware, connectivity, cloud and software.

data vizualization iot

You have tried to launch an IoT project, alone or with others, but it is more complex and costly than expected.

IoT Saas platform access

You or your team are not IoT experts and are looking for proven, customizable, ready-to-use IoT solutions.

We joined them

Synox is now referenced by the UGAP in the SCC multi-publisher category for its software suite.

Synox joins the Top 250 French software companies of 2021!

How do we help our customers?

We help our customers with their digital transformation to enable them to increase operational excellence, offer new value-added services and generate cost savings. We bring them knowledge, expertise, and business experience to help them succeed in a changing and increasingly complex economic and ecological environment.

IoT offers huge potential for organizations wishing to increase agility with more informed decision making, develop a competitive advantage and innovate to grow their business. At Synox, we are committed to helping our customers understand the opportunities and benefits of IoT for their organization so that they can reach their full potential.

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What makes us different?

Our mastery of the entire IoT value chain

We master all the technological bricks by providing our customers with our expertise and our agnostic solutions: from the sensor to the data restitution, including security, data storage and connectivity management

Thanks to our multi-sector experience, we are able to meet the specific needs of our clients, whatever their business.

Our scalable solutions

We have designed a software suite that allows us to support our customers, of all sizes and in all sectors, throughout their IoT project: from the POC phase to the industrialization. Whatever the size of the project and the technical environment (sensors, connectivity, hosting, etc.), our solutions evolve with your use, ensuring you a sustainable technological solution and a quick return on investment.

Our expert Customer Support

We provide a team of expert, reactive and bilingual engineers. The team knows the technical environment of each customer, which allows us to provide a specific answer to all questions relating to connected devices, telecoms and customer network infrastructure.

The reactivity of our support is well know and appreciated by our customers: +93% are satisfied!

Our 3 core values



Synox wants to maintain a strong team spirit and solidarity among its members. The cohesion and involvement of everyone allows SYNOX to benefit from a real collective dynamic and to be successful for several years, with a FUN spirit!



Synox is the experience of a large group and the agility of a start-up. We have innovation and customer focus in our DNA which guarantees flexibility, agility and proactivity for all projects. Our solutions are developed and updated in a fully agile approach according to the SCRUM methodology.



Our ambition is to make the use of IoT bring an ethical and environmental evolution for Man and his Planet. This ambition guides us every day. We refuse to participate in tenders involving unethical data processing.

Our investor partners

Synox participates in a more responsible digital environment by committing to concrete actions

Green IoT
  • Integration of eco-design in products
  • Being a SAAS Hosting Company : Green IT
  • Selection of suppliers or partners on the basis of common values
  • Promote projects associated with ethics or the environment
  • Recycling of sensors
  • Development of battery-free sensors
  • Reduction of the carbon impact
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