Smart Security, IoT technologies for the security of data, people, goods and equipment.

Buildings are becoming more and more intelligent thanks to motion detectors, video surveillance and intelligent alarm systems. Owners can now rely on the IoT to provide more security for their customers, employees and consumers.

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Smart Security: IoT for video surveillance

Remote monitoring is defined as an integrated physical and logical monitoring network. The concept was first developed in the 1970s by scientists seeking to observe the behaviour of wild animals. It has quickly become the preferred method of surveillance for companies for a wide variety of purposes, including traffic analysis, firefighting, construction site intrusion alerts, etc. Companies quickly discovered that this technology could be used in many areas besides the security and defence industries.

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Smart security IoT
Smart security IoT
Smart security IoT
Smart security IoT
smart remote monitoring security

Your questions about Smart Security

Why should I be interested in remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring is becoming increasingly popular with businesses as it reduces theft and provides better protection for employees and customers. Most security companies that use remote monitoring do not only use it for visible surveillance, but also for other purposes, such as property protection, plant protection, or protection against vandalism. There are now companies that specialise in the integration of intelligent video surveillance, and specialist companies that can offer the installation of cameras in key locations and areas at very affordable costs.

What services does a remote monitoring system offer?

The company provides security services including electronic information exchange, access management and monitoring. This exchange of information is done through the use of telephones and computer networks as well as the Internet. The main objective of the monitoring company is to identify and prevent unauthorized entry and access to the front and back of the building. The company provides access control, equipment monitoring, intrusion detection and perimeter protection for permanent and temporary staff. It also provides 24/7 assistance to remote monitoring center agents and security personnel on and off site.

This surveillance can be perimeter around a building, but also focused on specific areas to ensure the safety of assets.

What is the role of the remote monitoring solution provider?

The company’s primary function is to design and install state-of-the-art telecommunication and home security systems that allow authorized personnel secure remote access to all data. It is also responsible for building the equipment needed to ensure the security of telecommunications and computer networks, as well as data storage. Many companies use remote surveillance to monitor the working environment of employees and contractors and to supervise the maintenance of facilities.

What is the weight of IoT technologies in remote monitoring?

In order to communicate, a camera must be connected to a network. This network can be local (LAN), or wireless like 5G.

Gartner, a leading US research firm, predicts that outdoor surveillance cameras will be the largest market for 5G Internet of Things solutions in the world over the next three years. These cameras will represent the second largest IoT market behind connected cars by the end of 2023.

What is Smart Security in terms of remote monitoring?

With the rapid increase in crime, most people want to know about Smart Security for their home and business. These systems allow home and business owners to track their property with wireless cameras, smart motion sensors and remote monitoring systems. These systems are often linked to mobile applications that are installed directly on the phone. Business owners are now able to manage their security systems from virtually anywhere in the world, simply from their own smartphone.

The home is becoming increasingly intelligent with the addition of smart motion detectors, remote monitoring and smart home alarm systems. Homeowners can now take a whole new approach to protecting their property without having to call the police themselves. Business owners are helping to keep their buildings safe for their customers, employees and clients by installing surveillance cameras and other types of smart security systems. If someone is brave enough to enter your office, or even your home, an alarm system can detect movement and sound, and it will alert the proper authorities or the service provider assigned to you.

How will connected objects disrupt remote monitoring?

Security cameras, such as motion and smoke sensors, have been in use for a long time, but are not connected to each other via a wired or wireless network.

The increasing demand for Smart Surveillance in public spaces, commercial spaces, public transport and other areas and the rise of connected objects will lead to further integration of these camera and sensor systems.

Artificial intelligence, fed by data from these sensors, will improve the speed of intervention by triggering alerts after recognition of certain images (such as fire outbreaks for example).

How to set up a Smart Remote Monitoring solution?

Launching a large-scale IoT project is never easy, you need to be accompanied by experts with proven know-how in the deployment of an end-to-end IoT project.

You are not alone. Indeed, Synox is recognized for its expertise on the entire IoT value chain: from data capture to its restitution on web and mobile interfaces, including storage.

Synox supports you every step of the way to ensure the success of your IoT project.

Choose your objects

Choose your objects

Speed, temperature, force, location, power, volume… According to your needs, Synox advises you in the choice of the sensor and facilitates its installation on site.

Connect your objects

Connect your objects

In order to transport and secure the data, Synox recommends the networks and transmitters most suited to your project.

Securing your data

Securing your data

We provide you with an open and interoperable data collection and analysis platform that securely aggregates all your data with third-party data.

Host your data

Host your data

A TIER IV type hosting and storage solution, based in France, which combines density, respect for the planet, availability and security.

Leverage your data

Leverage your data

We offer an open data visualization platform that aggregates all of your third-party flows and allows you to manage them in a simplified, secure and customizable turnkey interface.


Is Synox the right choice for you?

Through our positioning on the IoT value chain and our expertise in Smart Security use cases, we are convinced that the technological answer is not the only element to bring to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s IoT projects. The success of a Smart Security project also lies in the fact that the proposed solutions must be equal to the business, ethical and environmental challenges they address.

From POC to large-scale deployment, Synox supports you throughout your Smart Security project in accordance with our values: fun, agility and humanism.

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