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Synox is the turnkey solution for all your IoT projects. Connect your objects with m2m sim cards and secure your data with private APNs.

Our 15 years of experience in network connectivity allow us to help you make the best choice of connectivity whatever your connected objects and your use cases: LPWA, Cellular, Satellite, Wifi… With our SoM2M#IoT platform, manage your devices and connectivity on a unique and intuitive interface. Increase efficiency and responsiveness with ease.

IoT connectivity

Join the more than 600 customers who have already chosen us.

Join the more than 600 customers who have already chosen us.

Connect your objects through cellular networks, with the M2M sim card that suits your use case


It connects to a unique operator, defined during the configuration. A network problem? the SIM card is autonomous and disconnects until the network is functional again. With our ecosystem of partner operators, benefit from a range of M2M subscriptions.

multi-operator iot


It is capable of connecting to different local operators and different technologies (3G, 4G, LTE-M, NB IoT, 5G) without any human interaction required. Thus, automatically find the available communication network wherever your connected object is located.

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More than just an editor and integrator,
we are your IoT and M2M partner 🤝

We work with a large ecosystem of partners to offer you an infrastructure adapted to your use case

Our security solutions with APN

We set up private Access Point Names to secure the access of terminals to their information system. Data flows are routed to your networks via a VPN tunnel. The private APN allows you to communicate with your fleet of SIM cards without using the internet.

Simple kit


You have a private APN in 24 hours. This way you protect your infrastructure and access your connected devices in complete security.

Choose your IoT devices


Remotely control your fleet of objects. You have a secure bidirectional connection to make your objects communicate, regardless of the operator.

Alerting system


Benefit from a customized configuration with the creation of specific security rules, in real time.

iot quick setup

Easy access

You have a single dedicated interface to manage Open VPN access and monitor the status of the architecture

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