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We support you in the implementation of your project of connected devices with the connectivity of your choice


Whatever your application, we have the right connectivity for you

With its expertise in network connectivity, Synox helps you choose the best connectivity for your connected devices and use cases: LPWA, Cellular, Satellite, Wifi… Thanks to our SoM2M#IoT agnostic platform, you can manage all your devices and associated connectivity on the same interface, without needing to be an expert.

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The solution to make all your devices communicate

We provide you with the most suitable connectivity solution for your devices and uses.

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With a wide choice of partners

and many others…

Connect your devices with cellular networks

We help you choose the M2M SIM card best suited to your data, voice and SMS needs.


They connect to a single operator defined during their configuration. In the event of a network problem, the cards can be disconnected until the network is functional again. Synox relies on its network of partner operators to offer you a range of M2M packages tailored to your business.

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These SIM cards have the ability to connect to different local operators and technologies (3G, 4G, LTE-M and soon 5G) without human interaction. They offer the advantage of being able to automatically find at least one available communication network wherever the connected device is located.

Our security solutions with APN

SYNOX has set up private Access Point Names (APN) with all its single and multi-operator partners.

Synox offers you a secure connection solution allowing terminals to access their information system (IS) in complete security. You access a dedicated access point (APN) within our various partner mobile networks.

The data flows are then routed via a VPN tunnel to your company’s networks.

The private APN allows you to communicate with the transmitter/SIM fleet on the LAN without using the internet. This way the connections are controlled and the security is reinforced

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The main advantages of the APN

Kit simple


You have a private APN within 24 hours. You protect your infrastructure and you access your connected equipment in complete safety. 

Choose your IoT devices


You remotely control the device fleet. Secure bi-directional flow to make devices communicate regardless of the operator.

Alerting system


You benefit from customised settings with the creation of specific security rules in real time.

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Easy access

You have a single dedicated interface to manage Open VPN access and monitor the status of the architecture

Connect your devices with LPWA networks

Synox lets you take advantage of an easy-to-deploy, low-cost infrastructure based on LoRaWAN™ technology.

We have expertise in the deployment of long range low bandwidth communication networks (LPWA), LoRa™ and Sigfox.

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We will contact you quickly to finalize your quote taking into account your needs and use cases.

Why trust us with your connectivity?

We offer you the most suitable connectivity solution for your connected devices and IoT projects.


competitive in terms of price and offers

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different models of sensors managed

An intuitive software suite to connect and secure your data flows

Take advantage of intuitive, secure and ready-to-use solutions that ensure the scalability of your project, while controlling your R.O.I.

Multi-connectivity and device

Data flows
security platform

Benefit from a reactive and expert Customer Support integrated in all our offers

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In permanent contact with telecom operators and equipment manufacturers, you benefit from a bilingual contact person dedicated to your project who knows your uses and your technical environment. Our support team is made up of expert engineers in infrastructure and networks.

The expertise and responsiveness of the service are recognized by our customers who rate us on our service


of customer satisfaction*.

*Satisfaction survey conducted since 2019 with our customers

They trust us

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