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If we had to use one word to describe our teams it would be? Cohesion! 

Synox is the experience of a large group and the agility of a start-up. Innovation is in our DNA. We are rich in the skills of our employees and their involvement, and we benefit from a real collective dynamic, which guarantees our success. Synox is an entity of 20 employees who strive to maintain a strong team spirit and solidarity among its members.

The cohesion and involvement of each member of the team allows Synox to benefit from a collective dynamic and to be successful for several years.

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They are the ones who talk about it the best!

“Already 15 years… How time flies!
My objective with my team is twofold: to ensure that our services are operational and to support our customers in their projects. It’s a passionate job that combines with innovation. What I wouldn’t change for anything in the world at Synox? The good atmosphere that lights up the day.”



“The Synox culture is essentially focused on the participation of everyone in the company. Its life of course, but also its vision, its progress, its sharing. Decompartmentalization has always been present because everyone has always been able to express themselves on all subjects and participate in all the projects that motivate them. Trust is the essential basis for the Synox culture. Without this trust (granted by default), there is no motivation, no will to progress, no innovation. Team spirit is the binding factor. To stick together around a PC to solve a development problem, to go and share a beer at the slightest opportunity, to support each other to dare to do things that we wouldn’t do alone.”


CTO, Synox

“My goal with the team is to constantly upgrade our products to bring more and more features to meet the needs of our customers. What drives me every day is to take up technical challenges that are more and more innovative! What I would not change for nothing in the world at Synox? The passionate employees who have a real team spirit!”



“The Synoxian lives on the Synox planet, but above all it is inhabited by the Synox spirit. Knowing how to work in a relaxed and very friendly atmosphere while keeping professionalism and customer satisfaction as a leitmotiv. There is trust between everyone. And everyone at his or her level takes responsibility, initiative and measure of the interest of the company and therefore of his or her colleagues. The hierarchy is not very marked at Synox so that everyone can feel confident in expressing themselves, contributing to improving their work and thus promoting the company’s evolution.”


CEO, Synox

Our 3 core values



Synox wants to maintain a strong team spirit and solidarity among its members. The cohesion and involvement of everyone allows SYNOX to benefit from a real collective dynamic and to be successful for several years, with a FUN spirit!



Synox is the experience of a large group and the agility of a start-up. We have innovation and customer focus in our DNA which ensures flexibility, agility and proactivity for all projects. Our solutions are developed and updated in a fully agile approach according to the SCRUM methodology.



Our ambition is to make the use of IoT bring an ethical and environmental evolution for Man and his Planet. This ambition guides us every day and is reflected in our ethical charter. Among the points raised, we refuse to participate in calls for tenders involving an unethical aspect in the processing of data.

Cohesion – Integrity – Trust – Listening – Curiosity – Energy – Proximity – Simplicity

The Synox “WHY” is more than a positioning, it is our purpose.

Our “WHY” is what we believe in for our company. The mission that Synox has given itself and that we all share:

  • To imagine and co-create the connected solutions and services of tomorrow
  • To bring tomorrow’s technologies today.
  • Work with passion and energy to be an actor of change!
  • Building future solutions with innovation as the driving force of progress.
  • Work and contribute to the emergence and realization of new ideas and new objects
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Contact background

Our latest big news?

Today, Synox has reached a new milestone and is pleased to announce its first round of financing with La Banque des Territoires of the Caisse des Dépôts group and Sofilaro, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole, two major players in the transformation of territories.

And because all this could not have been done without the daily support of our teams, we are launching a recruitment plan for the next 3 years. The objective: to double its workforce!

The next recruits will have the chance to discover in the near future, brand new premises where IoT innovation is lived every day!

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