Synox and Nexelec, two complementary partners


How effective is the partnership between Synox and Nexelec? It originates from the complementary nature of the two IoT players.

“You focus on the high end of the data and we focus on the low end, so we complement each other well. Highlighting solutions and the interest of the complete solution for an end user for a certain use case requires a good understanding of the technical chain, the use and the customer”, says Antoine DURRMANN, R&D Manager at Nexelec.

Discover, through this article, the testimony of our partner expert.

Nexelec, expert manufacturer

Nexelec is a company specialized in the analysis of environmental parameters of buildings. The company designs and develops a range of intelligent sensors capable of measuring parameters such as temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, the presence of pollutants, the occupancy rate of the building, or the sound environment of a workspace.

“We have a strong expertise in air quality, both in terms of measurement and data processing and exploitation”, adds Antoine DURRMANN.

The benefits of these sensors come from three major strengths:


The design

The products are designed to fit well in the homes, schools, businesses in which they are installed.


Low maintenance

The long-term maintenance costs of the sensor are therefore greatly reduced for the customers.


Made in France

Nexelec’s design team and support team are located in France.

A partnership with many advantages

“The benefit for the customer is to have a common interlocutor on the whole value chain. You know the end customers well, and you are able to give advice thanks to your experience of different use cases. You have a complete mastery, and specialists by vertical”, says Antoine DURMANN.

Nexelec is the expert in the design of sensors, their functionalities, their performance and all technical information concerning their characteristics. Synox completes this know-how with its knowledge of customers and uses. The partnership allows both partners to provide a complete joint solution, thus covering the entire value chain.


“We don’t need to give you much support, because your teams are already well trained. You know your customers and their applications very well. You are one of the integrators who don’t need much support,” says Antoine DURRMANN.

As a result, many customers initially contact one of the two partners and then become interested in the other’s solutions. Some of them have a need for air quality and/or safety and approach Nexelec, then develop broader needs with Synox. Others call on Synox first for a global solution, then focus on a more specific use case related to air quality and/or safety.

“Having solutions like you that are multi-protocol, multi-use, that make all the data available to a customer regardless of the type of sensors or the type of network allows the customer to be able to reuse sensors for different purposes.

He adds, “It’s an essential link in the chain for the end user, who benefits from an interoperable solution. The customer doesn’t change applications, environments or contacts.”

The Human Above All

Nexelec and Synox have at heart to put the human being at the center of all exchanges. Customer care, listening and support are a priority for both partners.

“There are plenty of integrators out there. But the real question is: “Who is going to provide real customer support? Listening and support is very important for the success of projects. Your ability to accompany the customer is in line with our values. “confirms Antoine DURRMANN.

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