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Datategy’s policy is to always work with the best. The choice of Synox to solve our customers’ IoT problems was therefore a natural one. Being part of an ecosystem such as Synox is essential for us in terms of visibility and trust. Synox’s number one skill? Its IoT expertise.

Jean-Marc BRIQUET, Head of Sales and Partner at Datategy

Datategy, publisher of papAi

Datategy, an artificial intelligence software company, is developing papAi studio, a platform that enables data to be transformed through artificial intelligence in an ethical and explainable way. A tool to solve potential problems encountered by customers during the production of their project. Datategy’s vision? Enable the use of artificial intelligence as a tool for business performance.

A strategic partnership

Datategy allows Synox, through its role as a partner, to provide an additional software brick to deepen the analysis of the data and to be able to produce a predictive model. End customers will have a complete solution provided by two experts, allowing them to process the data from capture to prediction.

Beyond the extremely relevant analysis of IoT on production lines, Datategy adds a layer of predictivity that provides visibility into all maintenance issues, production line stoppages, etc.,” said Jean-Marc BRIQUET.

In this sense, Synox and Datategy have granted each other access to a gateway to certain markets:

  • For Datategy, to people who don’t see the added value of Data Science and Intelligence at first glance
  • For Synox, towards larger accounts or markets that are difficult to access

“Synox is the only IoT partner we work with. This partner represents an opening to markets that we could not address otherwise, and vice versa,” says Jean-Marc BRIQUET.

This collaboration shows that we are capable of implementing partnerships with players whose relevance in their sector of activity is unquestionable, and that we know how to ally ourselves with partners who are specialists in their field. We are not a jack-of-all-trades.”

“We specialize in data science and artificial intelligence, but for anything related to IoT, we bring in experts.”

We make it a point of honor to bring into our ecosystem players who share our values, with whom we can build a relationship based on trust and human relations above all.

DATATEGY TESTIMONIAL“With Synox especially, we have the same business vision. It’s important to be on the same page and not to be working with companies that have a billion other partners and don’t know how to manage them. With Synox, we are on the same page with a partner we can do business with.”

Datategy’s added value


“Our proposal is to optimize all Data Science and Artificial Intelligence processes, regardless of the business vertical to which it is addressed,” explains Jean-Marc BRIQUET.

Datategy is an expert in its field: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The editor is then able to address very heterogeneous use cases and to respond to problems in any sector, as long as they concern his field of expertise.

Jean-Marc Briquet says: “We are not specialists in every business, we are specialists in our business. From the moment you put Data Science and Artificial Intelligence models into production, whatever your sector, these are issues that correspond to our know-how.”


PapAi’s goal is to be business-oriented. In other words, it is designed to respond to concrete problems. It analyzes weak signals that are then explained to the end user, which a human being is not able to perceive.

“What we propose is AI that is business-oriented, operational and therefore accessible and explainable to non-data specialists. We are capable of producing results via artificial intelligence, but also of explaining them. Explainability means being able to identify where the data had the greatest impact in producing the result,” says Jean-Marc BRIQUET.

Datategy’s greatest value lies in the explainability and interpretability models of its platform, which are designed to bridge the gap between the motivations of data scientists and business issues. This explicability then generates two major advantages:


Accessibility of the information received through the data collected

Accompany your customers

Identification of the problem that has occurred, thus anticipating future failures

Jérôme FENWICK, CTO of Synox, confirms it:

SYNOX TESTIMONIAL JEROME“Synox is looking for partners with the same solution philosophy 100% user-oriented. Datategy’s papAi solution provides an explainable artificial intelligence solution with a No Code/Low Code graphical user interface so that our joint users feel in control of their solutions from the sensor to harnessing the intelligence of its data.”

The platform allows a business professional who is not initiated to data to process and analyze his data in a very intuitive way, arriving at a predictive model.


Because papAI’s architecture is modular, the platform scales to ensure optimal resource management of the hosting infrastructure, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Internal persistence mechanisms and to DataBases, DataWarehouses or DataLakes, allow users to better manage the space consumed by their data. These features avoid unnecessary data replication while ensuring computational performance that meets the needs of AI.

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