Synox is committed to signing the Planet Tech’Care charter!

Planet Tech’Care is a platform that connects digital companies that are committed to reducing their impact on the environment. Training organizations are also on board to bring their knowledge and skills to the network. Synox signed the charter in 2022 to acknowledge its commitment to a more responsible and sustainable technology.

What is Planet Tech’Care?

“The collective is our strength”

The innitiative of Planet Tech’Care is to bring together the actors who are already involved or who wish to get involved in to commit themselves in a responsible approach for the planet. It is to fight for a sustainable technology which brings to the Man and the planet rather than to destroy it unnecessarily. We are convinced that digital technology represents real opportunities to do things better on a daily basis, especially in companies and particularly for technology companies. And, that conscious digital is also serving the ecological cause with its expertise according to its field of competence and put it to the benefit of the ecological transition. Among the signatories, we find large groups such as AXA, Carrefour, ADP, Eiffage or Google, but also very small companies. and associations.

The “Planet Tech’Care” charter is :

  • 1 manifest
  • 24 partners
  • 631 signators
  • 24 ambassadors
  • 1 workshop per month

This commitment is aimed at players who design, develop, host, use and finance digital solutions, i.e. about all companies are likely to commit to a more sustainable tech. Regardless of size, seniority or market, any organization can implement actions, according to their means, to take concrete action.

For example, the signatories of Planet Tech’Care are committed to measuring the impact of their products and services on the environment, in order to reduce it as much as possible.

The participating companies also promise to contribute to a great awareness of their respective ecosystems: their customers, partners, suppliers, service providers but also their employees and their investors. These communication and guiding actions are essential, especially to better measure their own carbon footprint indicators.

Commitments as a partner:

At Synox, we are very excited to formalize our values and commitments to mankind and his planet. Do you also want to get involved with Planète Tech’Care? As a partner, here are the actions to take:

  • Sign the manifest
  • Contribute to the growth of the partner ecosystem.
  • Provide feedback and share best tips.
  • Share network news to keep the community alive.
  • Do not hesitate to put the actors who can help each other evolve in contact with each other.

And initiative is obviously encouraged! 😉

Besides, when we commit to the manifestwe have free access to a support program with events led by digital and environmental experts.


“I find that at the brand level there are those that talk a lot and don’t do much and there’s the opposite, like Synox, which puts a lot of things in place for its employees and its ecosystem, but didn’t necessarily talk about it.”

Jérôme Fenwick, CTO & co-founder of Synox

Synox signs up for tech that makes sense!

Did you know that digital is also :

  • +34 billion connected devices in 2021, according to Green IT
  • 3% of global GHG emissions, according to Green IT
  • 9% increase in annual energy consumption, according to ICT

The signatories of the manifesto are able to recognize the environmental changes needed and the impact of human actions on the planet, its ecosystems and the global economy.

Aware of their role, the partners are mobilizing to bring their key expertise to the ecosystem and to move the lines to control environmental risks.

We are mobilizing!

At Synox, we contribute at our level to the control of environmental risks, thanks to indicators that allow us to optimize resource management, in order to consume less and better. Our platforms are dedicated to the management of connected objects and to the decision support for our customers. By mastering all aspects of a machine, a vehicle, a building and many other use cases, they can improve their performance and save money, time and resources.

By studying all the use cases of our customers and partners, we contribute to implement actions to reduce their impact on the planet, by providing adapted answers.

Helping them to manage their connected object fleets can extend the life cycle of a product or equipment. At Synox, we operate with agility and we do not hesitate to train our teams on new best practices in sustainability and safety, in order to be truly effective in our responsible approach.


With Jerome, we are very proud to see the enthusiasm of the Synox teams, whether it is to act within the company to reduce our impact but also in their missions, on our platforms to offer more and more solutions to support our customers in a more responsible digital transition.

Emmanuel Mouton, CEO & co-founder of Synox

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