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We are creators of IoT solutions

Our role? To unearth ever more responsible technologies, explore data and drive innovation in the IoT galaxy.

A dynamic team ⚡

Working at Synox means seeking out the human element, adventure, passion, expertise, and uniqueness in a company where everyone is on board as a privileged member of the crew. 15 years and 80,000 connected objects later, we continue to reach for the stars, while keeping our feet on the ground.

Meet us
Noël Synox

Our mission? 🚀

Facilitating our customers’ business, by imagining high value-added IoT ecosystems:

  • powerful and invisible
  • sustainable and responsible
  • adjusted to their needs, tailored to their uses
Our support

Our reason for being 💜

To make the IoT a solution with a positive impact for mankind and a reasonable impact for the planet.
By browsing our site or by talking to us, you will see that we measure our ideas and actions to ensure that they are in line with our ethical and responsible approach.

Our values

Our ambition

Continue to explore new ethical and navigable paths. To remain a pioneer on the IoT planet in France, in Europe and throughout the world, to make our crew grow and to embark more and more passengers!



We hire!

Our core values



The human and the planet first.



An expert and passionate team that finds solutions faster than its shadow.



Very serious synoxians, who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Our Happy at Work label

QWL (Quality of Life at Work) indicators and levers, a corporate culture based on people, agility, fun and trust. In 2022, Choose My Company awarded Synox the Happy At Work label with a record employee wellness rate in our industry.

Our Happy place

Our steps to be more responsible

Discover our day for the planet, carried out in September 2022 with all synoxiens
and the Initiative Océanes association.

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Our other projects

Discover the results of our day for the planet

Our project for 0% emission urban traffic

Our project for marine biodiversity

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