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IoT pioneers for over 15 years, we help our 700 customers in France and Europe (and around the world) to do their jobs more easily, by designing IoT ecosystems with high added value: powerful and invisible, sustainable and responsible, tailored to their needs and uses.

Make the IoT a solution with a positive impact for mankind and a reasonable impact for the planet.

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Let’s make your connected device projects a reality together

Capitalizing on 15 years of experienceSynox frees its customers from the technical complexity of an IoT project by covering the entire value chain, from data capture to data restitution on the device. a unique, intuitive interfacethrough to connectivity management and data storage.

We are at your side to help you and make you benefit from all the expertise in hardware, software and communication networks acquired throughout our 15 years of experience in innovative technologies, particularly related to the application development, and M2M and IoT network connectivity.

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IoT solutions for all sector areas

By operating on the whole value chain of the Internet of Things, we put our expertise, our agnostic, comprehensive solutions for successful IoT & M2M projectsWhatever your industry, whatever your objects, whatever your communication protocol (cellular M2M networks, LPWA LoRa, Satellite, Sigfox, etc.).

Everything you need to implement an IoT solution

Choose your devices

Choose your devices

Speed, temperature, force, location, power, volume… According to your needs, Synox advises you in the choice of the sensor and facilitates its implementation on site.

Connect your devices

Connect your devices

To transport and secure your data, Synox recommends the connectivity, sensors and transmitters best suited to the success of your IoT project and your uses.

Securing your data

Securing your data

We provide you with an open and interoperable data collection and analysis platform that safely aggregates all your data with third-party data.

Host your data

Host your data

A TIER IV type hosting and storage solution, based in France, which combines density, environmental awareness, availability and security.

Leverage your data

Leverage your data

We offer an open data visualization platform that joins all of your third-party flows and allows you to manage them in a simplified, secure and customizable turnkey interface.


We provide agnostic, open and interoperable IoT solutions

Our platforms natively integrate multi-connectivity and multi-sensor to facilitate the implementation, deployment and industrialization of any IoT project, from end to end. Stay focused on using your data and managing your business with our easy-to-use solutions.

Your uses evolve, the type of equipment, the network connectivity or the volume of your device fleet? No worries, our platforms have been developed with this goal in mind, to support you in the evolution of your needs and expectations, easily and quickly.

Keep control over the deployment of your project, and benefit from an interoperable, secure and out-of-the-box solution that ensures the scalability of your project, while controlling your ROI.

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Vehicle fleet
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Why work with Synox?

As an platform integrator and editor for the Internet of Things, Synox offers you a single contact person to facilitate the implementation of the project from A to Z and advises you in the technical choice of your sensors, according to the prerequisites of your use case, in the choice of your secure connectivity (M2M cellular with or without private APN, LPWA LoRa and Sigfox), in the choice related to the hosting of your data, while integrating the prerequisites of your technical environment and your technological choices.


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