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Smart Transport


IoT for organs transport and coldchain monitoring.

Smart Transport


Connected Fleet Management for Businesses.

Smart Energy


M2M SIM cards to connect street lighting for communities

Smart Building

Parcel. Tiny House

IoT for smart and eco-friendly self-sufficient houses in France.

Smart Industry

EID Méditerranée

The solution to remotely control the temperature and humidity in real time.

Smart Industry


The solution to control the temperature in real time and remotely, to secure the interventions.

Smart City

Sauve Community

The solution for monitoring air quality in schools and other public places.

Smart City


The geolocation and counting solution for workers on the RER C construction site for the SNCF

Smart City

Dijon Métropole

How has Synox’s smart parking solution helped to revitalize the city center and optimize street controls in Dijon?

Smart Security

AD Securite

How did AD Sécurité optimize its processes and increase its quality service with Synox’s connected solutions?

Smart Building


How did the IoT solution deployed by Synox help VIPARIS meet its satisfaction and operational efficiency?

Smart Health

Association Alerte

How was the Alerte association able to optimize its processes and increase its service quality with the Synox’s solutions?

Smart Building


How has the IoT made it possible to meet the maintenance and service continuity challenges on technical sites?

Smart Industry

Savoie Transmissions

How did IoT and analytics enable a solution to perform predictive maintenance?

Smart City

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

How to facilitate parking in person with reduced mobility and delivery spaces in the Smart City?

Smart Energy

Asa de Craponne

Water management 4.0: IoT at the service of the ecological transition

Smart Farming


How did the IoT solution deployed by Synox help Terideal meet the challenges of improving and providing services?

Smart City

Vichy Community

How did the IoT solution deployed by Synox enable Vichy Communauté to rethink its secure communication infrastructure in the face of the announced end of the PSTN?

Smart Industry & Health

HORIBA Medical

How has HORIBA Medical’s transformation through IoT enabled anticipation of customer needs and 24-hour service quality?

Smart Energy

FDI Habitat

How did FDI Habitat manage to control its energy consumption thanks to IoT?

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