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This remote monitoring project for technical premises could, depending on the company’s direction, be extended to most tertiary sites. The platforms will eventually be used by some fifteen people in charge of IT or building management at regional sites. Each manager will be able to remotely monitor compliance with recommended temperatures and thus guarantee optimal conditions in the technical premises to extend the life of the equipment and enable better management. In addition to the environmental conditions, the solution has enabled the identification of new areas for improvement in the management of the premises. Mr. Penhouet explains “Thanks to the data displayed in SoDATA#Viz, we have access to new information. We noticed that often the light was left on in an unoccupied room, we can now set up alerts and save energy!”

Mr. Penhouet also mentions several complementary projects “As Synox platforms are open and interoperable, the next test steps will be to transmit the data to our services platform via the MQTTS protocol for massive big data processing. We also plan to cross-reference them with other data sources to continue improving our processes and monitoring.”

“We still need to validate the value proposition with our internal customers, which will allow us to open up the solution to other use cases and make this monitoring solution sustainable, or even for a more massive deployment,” concludes Mr. Penhouet.

“If I had to describe your solution in 3 words? Simplicity, connectivity and ergonomics.

EDFThe Synox solution provides us with knowledge, thanks to the reliability of the data reported, we were able to identify several problems that were easy to resolve, such as the failure to comply with recommended temperatures in technical premises. 

David PENHOUET, IT & Telecom Engineer

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