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Testimonial AD Sécurité
SOM2M AD Security

Beyond the use of the cellular network for remote monitoring, a multi-operator M2M SIM card is of major interest as a back up to a security device by acting as a communication relay in place of a wired connection (PSTN, wifi, etc…) if the latter has an anomaly or is interrupted

Finally, the use of this technology allows for a more functional link with the alarm centre and associated equipment. The maintenance, programming and updates of the installations can now be done remotely.

Interventions are made easier both for AD Sécurité, from a logistical and economic point of view, and for the customer, with improved handling time and considerably reduced constraints.

In conclusion, with the use of our multi-operator SIM card, AD Sécurité has optimized its procedures and reduced its operating costs while guaranteeing its customers an optimal quality of service.

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