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Testimonial from client association Alerte

For more than 10 years now, Association Alerte has been using Synox SIM cards to ensure secure communication of its remote assistance units.

Once the volume of data required for the use of a remote assistance unit has been determined, all that remains is to order the SIM cards from the Synox SoM2M platform.

Association AlerteIn our sector, good communication is a critical point since our service is linked to people. We chose Synox because when we need technical support, we get a diagnosis and a solution very quickly.
Brice PETAUD, Technical Manager

SoM2MIoT Asso Alert
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From this platform, it is possible to manage the entire SIM card fleet: check connectivity, network attachment, data consumption etc. It also allows for an initial diagnosis in the event that a card is not communicated. The client remains autonomous to perform the first actions such as network detachment for example. And in the event that the problem is more serious, Synox’s technical support team intervenes quickly to restore communication.

A turning point

The teleassistive profession is currently facing a dimensional change since the PSTN will soon no longer be available to ensure the communication of the teleassistance boxes. Indeed, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the historical telephone network maintained by Orange (formerly France Telecom). This technology, which is at the end of its life and expensive to maintain, no longer supports new communication methods, and will therefore be gradually stopped and replaced.

The cellular network therefore takes on its full importance as well as the operation of M2M lines dedicated to critical uses such as remote assistance. Synox supports the Alert association in this transformation to provide quality communication for the well-being and safety of subscribers.

The DNA of the Association Alerte is clearly focused on the social character of our actions. We do everything possible to make our subscribers feel good, including personalized gifts for centenarians, for example.
Brice PETAUD, Technical Manager

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Vivons Alerte’s vocation is to help elderly and frail people to stay at home and gives a great importance to the human and social dimension in its teleassistive job through a personalized accompaniment and social link.

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