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Impact on business teams

In addition, this installation has reduced response time. The objective is to ensure that employees in the field are asked to do as little as possible and that they have a maximum amount of feedback to be able to call the service providers, follow up and get results, while guaranteeing tenant satisfaction.

Long term vision

“What you need to know is that the Mas Crespy residence is a model residence. In the long term, FDI HABITAT’s objective is to cover all of its assets, i.e. 18 boiler rooms in Occitania. Our desire is to continue our collaboration with Synox and to develop our partnership. We are starting a real project, lasting 4 years, of complete development on FDI HABITAT’s assets”.

What is important to underline is that today, if we are received by tenants’ associations, we will have a means of justification and we will be able to show concrete elements: the SoDATA#Viz dashboards, the results obtained and the different analyses that follow from them. On the Synox platforms we have access to all the data, so we can say that it works.

David TORTAJADE, Works Manager at FDI HABITAT

Energy management in video

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As a publisher and integrator of IoT platforms, Synox supports companies and communities wishing to implement their IoT projects easily and securely, regardless of the objects and technology used.


In partnership with local authorities, FDI HABITAT designs, builds and manages social housing on a human scale. FDI HABITAT is committed to creating balanced, harmonious and environmentally friendly living spaces.

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