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Internally, the SoM2M#IoT platform is used for the provisioning and monitoring of the sensors, the Elsys ELT-2 Maxbotix. As soon as the latter show a low battery, the teams are informed to intervene and replace them to avoid a service cut. In the near future, the idea is to implement the mobile application to facilitate the work of the teams.

ASA verbatimWe wanted to give ourselves the means to guarantee an efficient and transparent water policy by ensuring good management of its consumption. The IoT quickly appeared as the answer to this need. It was Synox’s collaborative and multidisciplinary approach that convinced me. The ability to listen to the teams and the proximity to the company allowed us to successfully move this project forward.
Guillaume CASELLA, Director


The visualization platform provides customizable dashboards to monitor various indicators such as pressure, flow, temperature or quality, and to create customized alerts when thresholds are exceeded. It is now possible for Guillaume Casella to remotely check the level of the watercourses, to control the flows and to be warned in real time of the state of the devices. When an alert is generated, the technicians know to intervene to check the equipment, repair the malfunction, or check the ASA member if the puncture is too large.

The results

Thanks to the limited cost of the sensor and the ease of implementation of Synox’s IoT platforms, the Craponne ASA hopes to deploy about 20 sensors in the future instead of the 13 initially planned. Several problems have already been resolved, including those related to water theft. Guillaume Casella points out that “the rapid return on investment has been beyond initial expectations.” The deployed solution allows Guillaume Casella to look ahead and he is already looking at a new project: the automation of the hammer gates that allow the distribution of irrigation water. The IoT has thus enabled the community to modernize and add an innovative service with high added value with the optimization of water management to serve the ecological transition.

Synox has helped us regain a good water policy in just two months. We were able to identify water theft and solve no less than four problems. We are delighted because we will be able to grow faster than expected and are already looking at a new project with Synox: moving towards more automation.

Guillaume CASELLA, Director

Water management in video

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As a publisher and integrator of IoT platforms, Synox supports companies and communities wishing to implement their IoT projects easily and securely, regardless of the objects and technology used.

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The ASA Compagnie de Craponne is composed of private individuals, legal entities and public law entities. As a public actor, it acts on the scale of a territorial community.

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