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The Synox teams therefore proposed to HORIBA Medical to work in stages, starting with a POC (Proof Of Concept). The objective of this POC was to concretize the expression of the need and to verify its feasibility. It also allowed us to anticipate any difficulties that might be encountered during development and to ensure that the technical solution that Synox proposes to HORIBA Medical is in line with its needs and expectations.

Synox was able to give us confidence by its ability to provide the technical tools and hosting necessary to implement a solution that we don’t really know how to size yet. […] Synox had an adapted response to each of the problems we encountered.
Sylvain JACQUEMIN, Deputy Managing Director of HORIBA Medical


The results

The first stage of the POC lasted 6 months and allowed HORIBA Medical to be certain of the feasibility of the project, the reactivity of the teams and established a climate of confidence essential to the success of the collaboration.

Following the validation of the POC, HORIBA Medical has an integrated solution that allows it to collect data from its equipment and act on it remotely without sending a technician to the customer’s site, which would never have been possible before. This solution can now be deployed on a large scale. The company was also able to integrate useful features for customers: they will be able to interact with their manufacturer, who can interact with its own environment.

Today, the integration of an IoT solution in HORIBA Medical’s activity allows it to optimize its production processes, to better anticipate interventions and to increase customer satisfaction. In the medium term, the Yumizen range should already be fully connected. In the long term, the goal is to connect all of the equipment, which numbers in the tens of thousands. In the future, HORIBA Medical is also considering a preventive maintenance solution, the implementation of automated order triggers and the creation of an international service.

Trust players like Synox, trust your teams in their ability to understand, propose and understand solutions.
Sylvain JACQUEMIN, Deputy Managing Director of HORIBA Medical

The testimony, in video

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With more than 1000 employees worldwide, HORIBA Medical is present in nearly 150 countries. The Company is a world leader in the hematology market and enjoys a worldwide reputation in the field of In Vitro Diagnostics.

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