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A significant financial impact:

Compared with the cost of an analog line, our customer has seen a significant price differential per line and per month since switching to cellular connectivity. Sometimes this means upgrading the modems that host M2M-type cards, or changing the PLCs, but in the end it all evens out, especially with the gain in quality of service.

Impact in use :

Vichy Community operators can order their SIM cards autonomously using the SoM2M#IoT platform, a feature that may seem obvious, but is a real plus for the organizational management of public structures. Especially since the director claims to be little in demand, which is a testament to the level of accessibility. He adds that :

“Each automaton has its own properties, and when I have a question about the SIM card format, for example,
Synox technical support is very responsive.



reactivity in case of overconsumption



of malfunctions thanks to the alert system



thanks to the low cost of a SIM card call

On a day-to-day basis, the tools’ responsiveness means that incident notifications can be received, saving time for operators and providing a macro view for management.

“Because we’re kept up to date with the latest exchanges, we can adapt,
be more attentive and activate a ‘degraded mode’ procedure.”

The RTC transition highlighted the need to update the fleet of vending machines. So we deployed a private APN to secure SIM cards, and Vichy Community supported its agents to raise awareness and help them update their processes.

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The functionalities provided by the SoM2M#IoT management interface also represent strong points in the implementation of the solution:

    • Quick response in the event of overconsumption
    • Anticipation of malfunctions thanks to alert system
    • Savings thanks to the low cost of a SIM card call

The alert system, for example, allows you to act quickly in case of overconsumption. The manager is indeed warned in real time in case of abnormal consumption or even exceeding.

Another type of notification alerts the user to network malfunctions, allowing them to be informed quickly and transparently. As soon as an incident is identified, information is disseminated to assess the risks and impacts. This makes it possible to anticipate malfunctions rather than suffer them.

Finally, the economic benefits are clearly identified, since the cost of a SIM card call is much lower than that of a subscription to the telephone network. The gain is estimated at about ten euros per month per line. And that’s not even taking into account the quality of the service provided, which is much better than before.

The next step of the project is the mutualization of the volume on several sites. Vichy Community continues to place its trust in us for the supply of SIM cards and the installation of APNs.

“The responsiveness of Synox support in the event of a problem is much appreciated.

It encourages us to work together in an environment of trust.

For the third department concerned by the PSTN transition: general administration, this has facilitated the management of payment terminals, and the flexibility with Synox enables us to respond to these 3 entities.

Multi-operator M2M SIM cards: why choose Synox?

During the consultation, several criteria were decisive.

According to Vichy Community’s Information Systems Technical Manager, Synox stood out for its ability to meet expectations in a relevant and appropriate way. At Synox, we strive to offer flexible solutions, tailored to different needs in terms of volume and type of data and feedback (data, voice, SMS), and we are committed to providing responsive, attentive customer service.

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Vichy Community is a community of 39 municipalities and 85,700 inhabitants. It is part of the second largest region in France, both in terms of population and GDP.

A region connected to all transport infrastructures open to Europe.

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