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Interoperability and customization of interfaces have allowed experts to focus on serving customers according to their specific needs. Indeed, a sports field on which a concert is played will not have the same requirements as a golf course or a community lawn. However, it is still necessary to cross-reference the sanitary state of the grass or the feelings of the soccer team with the data collected by the connected devices.

The benefits are not only in the analysis of the data but also in the operation of these irrigation systems. In fact, a significant time saving is measured since it is possible to know in real time the operating status of the watering infrastructure, which was not the case with conventional watering systems. Moreover, with the particularities of connected devices, such as the low cost compared to the economic benefits, the simplicity of installation, and the wireless connectivity, the implementation is really facilitated.

Water savings are estimated at 10 to 30%. This result is obtained thanks to the implementation of connected equipments, the piloting and the analysis of data from SoM2M#IoT and SoDATA#Viz but also thanks to the human factor which becomes vigilant to consumption as soon as it is measured

The Synox team listens to evolution requests and takes them into account in product development. Today’s interfaces are complete and have evolved considerably since we started using the platforms over a year ago.

Raphaël KARM, Technical Manager

Watering optimization in video

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As a publisher and integrator of IoT platforms, Synox supports companies and communities wishing to implement their IoT projects easily and securely, regardless of the objects and technology used.


Born from the will of the Segex Group companies to adopt a common brand, Terideal has been distinguishing itself for more than 50 years in the land development market. Terideal is known for its ability to design, build and maintain complex projects.

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