How does Industry 4.0 improve the performance of operators and the production system?

Connected device and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are making their way into the Industry 4.0 work environment. They apply to decision-making and design positions as well as to employees who work with machines. The challenges of this modernization of systems imply a change in the functions performed by the various operators. These include the computerization and automation of production and maintenance operations to provide a more efficient, personalized and securecustomer service.

Digital technologies do not replace operators, but allow them to be more efficient

Several recent scientific studies show that operators ofIndustry 4. 0 technologies have more than ever their place in factories. However, the challenges lie in the changes in the interactions between humans, robots and machines.

These new intelligent systems are more focused on performance and efficiency in the design and production of devices, designed step by step. The professional environment benefits from improved conditions. For example, employees are equipped with terminals that connect them to the company’s systems. This allows them to communicate online with other departments and to receive all the necessary information related to the performance of their duties.

Studies show that artificial intelligence will not replace humans, despite the performance of new technologies. It will always be necessary to carry out support, control and maintenance operations that optimize the on-line production systems.

industry 4.0 iot operators

More safety for operators in Industry 4.0

The digitization of Industry 4.0 production processesin industrial companies promotes the well-being and safety of employees and optimizes business productivity. Thanks to the provision ofsafer and more efficient tools, workers benefit from more comfortable working conditions.

For example, the use of 3D glasses allows to increase the precision in the assembly of parts:

  • copy of the action plan,
  • location indication,
  • taking pictures.

This technology greatly reduces the risk of errors. Augmented reality glasses have already proved their worth in the aeronautical and automotive fields.

The integration of a new connected process in theautomation-driven Industry 4. 0 environment must be carefully studied and experienced beforehand. This meticulous study ensures the smooth running of operations and optimizes the company’s productivity.

It is necessary to identify the performance of software according to the sector of activity specific to each industry. The objective is toimprove the employees’ workstation, by identifying the physical and intelligent limits of the new devices, in order to choose the most suitable equipment. ErgonomicsThe ergonomics of the work tools must be taken into account so that the employees’ work is comfortable in the long term.

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