Industrial revolution: what are the opportunities of Industry 4.0 for companies?

Industry 4.0 is often referred to as the industrial revolution. The latter is a way for companies to counteract the deindustrialization of France by bringing the production of large manufacturing groups back to France. This revolution driven by the introduction of new technologies can reduce manufacturing costs and transform employment, thus putting an end to the factory’s poor image and lack of competitiveness with its foreign competitors.

The contributions of Industry 4.0 to production

New technologies, the pillars of Industry 4.0, allow companies to reinvent their production methods by streamlining them and giving them a flexibility that was previously unknown. Productivity is improved by analyzing the data collected by smart sensors and matching it to manufacturing goals, machine wear and tear and consumer demand. Being more responsive, forward thinking and virtuous are some of the benefits promised by these innovative and agile technologies.

The challenges of Industry 4.0, in addition to productivity, are also reflected in the work and the acquisition of new skills for operators and those who work on the production tool. Connected devices and the interaction they imply decompartmentalize businesses and require a more fluid communication, in order to meet the needs of a consumer more focused on a personalized product.

industry 4.0 opportunities

What are the new opportunities of the industry of the future?

Both large companies and SMEs can take advantage of the opportunities of this new industry. It is in fact in the interest of companies to adopt certain technological tools that characterize this industry 4.0. Augmented reality offers considerable time savings in the design of devices, in fields as different as the manufacture of medical prostheses or the construction of vehicles.

Even traditional crafts can benefit from these technologies to develop a prototype. Automation is not a denial of the human being, but a tool to be appropriated in order to advance and be more ingenious.

The industrial revolution is an opportunity for French companies. Their know-how and reputation can gain points through a more respectful production, without wasting materials and energy.

Putting an end to the cliché of the object that travels four times around the world before being delivered to the consumer is also one of the challenges of Industry 4.0. Repatriating the production process reduces transport costs while allowing for greater responsiveness. Manufacturing constraints are better analyzed in order to optimize and enhance the quality of local companies.

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