Industry 4.0: augmented reality for maintenance

Commonly referred to as the industry of the future, Industry 4.0 is based on the convergence between digital technologies and the devices that make up the real world. Among the most remarkable facts of the industrial revolution of Industry 4.0, augmented reality occupies a prominent place. Whether it is a question of optimizing production processes or training operators, the latter is in the process of profoundly changing the working environment in the industrial world.

The uses of augmented reality in industry

Augmented reality is a concept that cannot be separated from virtual reality. It can be defined as the addition of virtual elements within the field of vision of its users. Via an augmented reality headset, but also glasses or a smartphone, technicians perceive elements added digitally to the reality they are looking at.

industry 4.0 augmented reality

Rich in promise, augmented reality is one of the major pillars of Industry 4.0. Totally in line with the factory of the future, it can be applied in various ways within the working environment.

One of its most frequent uses is in operator training. This technological process allows the display of work instructions in real time. It also allows service technicians to immediately view the data of the devices in use and to check their conformity. Augmented reality thus provides definite advantages, including optimized industrial performance and increased precision for the various operators.

What are the main contributions of augmented reality for Industry 4.0?

The use of new technologies in the industrial sector offers real opportunities in terms of maintenance. Industrial maintenance in 3D gives technicians the possibility to carry out dangerous interventions on equipment in complete safety. With augmented reality, the operator is put in a situation in front of the machine and the parts that make it up.

To guide him through the maintenance process, he can rely on information that is delivered digitally in real time. Applied to industrial maintenance, augmented reality provides a significant gain in safety and efficiency. It is undeniably one of the many opportunities of Industry 4.0.

Augmented reality allows for significant productivity gains, which can be referred to as Industry 4.0 productivity. Through this process, handling errors are considerably reduced and the time saved on maintenance operations is substantial. Thanks to upstream modeling, the environment and industrial processes are optimized. With augmented reality, it is also possible to intervene remotely on the parts of a machine without the presence of an expert on site.

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