How will Industry 4.0 improve the productivity of systems and plants?

The industrial revolution or industry 4.0 emanating from automation associated with artificial intelligence and the internet tool must facilitate productivity while reducing costs and, at the same time improve the customer experience by better satisfying their needs. Industry 4.0 tends to improve order customization by leveraging production management software and making it more accessible by all stakeholders to save time. The flexibility of these tools, their handling and the processing of the collected data will make it possible to create devices corresponding perfectly to the expectations of the consumers while restricting their production to their demand thus avoiding useless stocks.

Augmented reality: what is its place in Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 applications offer new opportunities. Augmented reality represents an important pillar of its future development. It optimizes productivity by streamlining interactions between stages. The 3D models allow, for example, to realize the deployment of a production unit, the difficulties inherent to the manufacture of devices and their maintenance.

Along with modelling, 3D simulation analyses the feasibility of a project before it is built. It also makes it possible to plan the skills needed to carry out the project and the training to be provided.

Finally, for sales representatives, access to augmented reality allows them to offer customers products as they will be manufactured. They thus have an anticipated vision of what their project will be like once it is personalized. This sales tool is very useful in the context of a marketing strategy.


Increased productivity due to interconnection of the various production components

The use of augmented reality in Industry 4. 0 reduces productivity and implementation costs in every industry. Automation systems can be improved during design. The best use of a technology in a given environment can be made by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses beforehand.

Interconnecting the different elements of Industry 4.0 provides the means to improve machineefficiency, reduces the risk of poor inventory management and also predicts the skills needed by operators on site. The industrial revolution induced by the use of these various Internet tools is an opportunity for all companies wishing to free themselves from the heaviness of the previous model. We must ensure that the human being is kept at the centre of this development.

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