Industry 4.0: a new industrial revolution

The emergence of new technologies is profoundly transforming the industrial world. The emergence of connected tools, the extent of possibilities of 3D printing or the use of intelligent sensors are increasingly reducing the boundary between the virtual and the physical world. Industry 4.0, with their employment, changes the production systems of the company and opens new perspectives to the entrepreneurial universe. This industrial revolution is an opportunity for French companies that want to modernize their production facilities to become more competitive, while respecting the environmental requirements imposed by global warming.

Industry 4.0, an evolution or a revolution?

A natural evolution for some, a revolution for others, Industry 4.0 offers multiple opportunities. It is a source of innovation for companies in all sectors. It allows some companies to offer new services, such as the rental of 3D printers to design prototypes more quickly or to develop a project. It creates new jobs by relying on personnel trained in these technologies, who can interact with the various departments of the company, ignoring the weight of hierarchy and traditional divisions.

The time savings and manufacturing flexibility allowed by these new Industry 4.0 technologies have a direct impact on productivity and costs. It allows us to create devices that are more in line with the requirements of consumers who are increasingly eager to have their products made to measure. Operators can intervene more quickly on a production line. Communication with sales people in the field or stock managers becomes more fluid.

Industry 4.0, with the use of augmented reality facilitates the creation of specific objects of any size. Furnishing your home virtually, choosing a new decoration or customizing your car have become possible. Some applications are even an effective sales tool and are better than a long sales pitch.


A new industrial revolution is underway

The digital technologies that have emerged with Industry 4.0 are improving the customer experience and speeding up decision making. They are also a great help to analyze all the necessary data to optimize the production line of a company and to create objects in adequacy with the market.

As far as the production system is concerned , Industry 4. 0 allows for better control by assessing the risks of breakdowns or stock shortages. The industry of the future is written at the rhythm of innovations and improvement of technologies by creating the new factory of tomorrow.

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