10 tips to optimize your fleet management

You are in charge of a fleet management and do not know which software to choose? This investment must be perfectly mastered in order to gain in organization, negotiation, but also in fleet optimization. In order to measure costs and save money, the best solution is to opt for a fleet management software that can meet all your needs.

Fleet management to control costs and monitor consumption in real time

Among the best fleet management software, you can choose between those that alert you to technical inspections to be carried out and those that tell you the availability of certain vehicles or whether a fleet renewal is due.

The management of your fleet, once all the data has been entered, will make your manager’s life easier. You can easily check the mileage of your company cars and the contact information of your suppliers.

Adapting the vehicle fleet to the real needs of the company

Be sure to tailor your mobility needs to your company. Indeed, if you have long distances to cover or if you only have to drive in the city, the maintenance will not be the same, as well as the models of your vehicles.

From a tax perspective, using leasing companies may be more attractive than purchasing new vehicles. Thus, leasing is sometimes a practical solution for a fleet manager.


Our 10 tips for optimizing your fleet management

Here are our tips for optimizing your fleet management:

  • Controlling your TCO for a better control of your expenses;
  • to have at hand the list of its providers to gain in efficiency;
  • obtain connectivity regardless of the manufacturer;
  • benefit from a decision support ;
  • Anticipate the actions to be taken in order not to lose track of your tasks;
  • access performance indicators;
  • Have a reliable and shared tracking table;
  • have all the information necessary for monitoring in real time;
  • educate drivers on eco-driving;
  • Determine current vehicle costs, as well as exceptional costs.

Equip yourself with a flexible, secure and open Fleet Management solution

CO2 consumption, vehicle acquisition costs, repair costs after an accident, are all elements to be taken into account before purchasing a company car. Whatever your suppliers, you can opt for SoFLEET tooptimize the management of its fleet.

This software solution provides real-timedata tracking, customizable dashboards, a view of the nearest gas station and many other benefits.

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