How do GPS fleet management systems work?

GPS systems are often associated with the fight against vehicle theft. However, their usefulness does not end there. They have many advantages for improving fleet management in terms of resource allocation, route reorganization, maintenance and costs. Fleet management by geolocation represents a guarantee of savings for any company!

What is a GPS fleet management system?

A GPS fleet management system is fleet tracking software that uses GPS technology to track the activity of a fleet of vehicles. This geolocation works by satellite signals. Equipping yourself with the best fleet management software makes it possible to obtain the real geographical position of each vehicle thanks to a box equipped with sensors, discreetly inserted in the passenger compartment. With this tracking equipment, companies with a fleet of vehicles or construction equipment canoptimize their fleet management.

Thanks to GPS geolocation systems, fleet managers are able to efficiently track and control the exact geographic location of each vehicle.

Beyond vehicle geolocation, fleet management through GPS trackers allows to keep the mileage history of each vehicle, to record their fuel consumption, to protect vehicles against theft, to analyze drivers’ behavior, etc. This GPS software is proving to be very useful for suppliers to improve their travel efficiency.

Note that for employees using a company car outside of work, there is also a “privacy ” function that prevents data from being recorded. This system guarantees the confidentiality of personal movements and prevents any confusion of the data collected by the GPS tracker.

Better time management thanks to geolocation

Time management helps toincrease efficiency andorganize work more effectively. This is one of the keys to business success. To avoid any detrimental loss of time, managers in charge of managing a fleet of trucks are required to enforce on-time deliveries and monitor the activity of their drivers. A GPS geolocation solution allows :

  • to check the time of service,
  • to send notifications,
  • modify and optimize routes according to the position of each vehicle.

Vehicle geolocation, by facilitating route optimization, contributes to better time management. By taking the shortest and least overloaded routes, deliveries arrive more quickly at their destination. Based on the exact location of a vehicle or truck at time “t”, road conditions and traffic complexity, the fleet manager can, for example, suggest an alternative route to drivers that is faster, more efficient and more comfortable. Any delays in delivery can be verified and understood.

fleet management systems GPS iot

The immediate knowledge of the position of the vehicles and the proof of delivery provided by the GPS trackers are precious data to avoid any dispute and to respond to customers dissatisfied with an intervention. This instantaneous location is an asset for companies that can track the presence and movements of drivers in real time on a dashboard.

Geolocation for security and cost reduction

Managing a fleet of trucks or any fleet of vehicles with an on-board computer increases productivity and business performance while helping to reduce costs. When routes are optimized, vehicles are less monopolized. As a result, they wear less, which helps control and limit fuel and maintenance costs. Therefore, the investment in a geolocation solution can quickly pay for itself!

This management software, which is involved in the organization and planning of interventions, helps reduce the number of kilometers driven in duplication with other vehicles and, at the same time, reduces costs.

Savings are also realized in the payroll processing by human resources specialists. The geolocation system avoids wasted time spent tracking hours worked and confirms the presence of employees.

Finally, the GPS tracker also plays an important role in safety and security management. It is very useful to prevent accidents on routes complicated by weather conditions.

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