How to optimize the management of your car fleet?

The automobile fleet refers to all vehicles made available to employees by the employer. Depending on the field of activity, it is composed of different models (utility, sedan, two-wheeler and others). Such a fleet often represents a heavy investment for a company. Therefore, it is essential to optimize it (costs, savings, maintenance) through fleet management.

Optimize your fleet management to gain in efficiency

This responsibility is most often entrusted to a fleet manager. Such a job requires obvious organizational skills, a taste for negotiation and a good knowledge of the automotive sector.

Candidates must also master the computer tools that will allow them to better monitor the various indicators (TCO, productivity, trip tracking).

Finally, it is strongly recommended to have a solid legal expertise in order to adapt to the constant changes in regulations (especially environmental standards concerning CO2 emissions) and taxation. This knowledge is also invaluable for managing exchanges with insurance companies.

What are the levers for optimizing fleet management?

Before taking any action, the fleet manager must conduct an audit of the current situation. This study will highlight possible malfunctions. It will also allow for the measurement of the real impact of vehicle usage fees.

Often underestimated, these costs are added to the acquisition cost. This category includes

  • fuel purchases ;
  • vehicle insurance and its annual renewal;
  • costs related to the maintenance and upkeep of the park;
  • purchases of wear parts (tires, brake pads, etc.) from the various suppliers and providers ;
  • tax expenses;
  • environmental regulatory constraints (CO2 emissions).

Control your fuel budget and manage your maintenance costs

There are many tips for optimizing your fleet management. The most obvious of these is, without a doubt, controlling the fuel budget. This represents nearly 20% of daily expenses.

To optimize it, the consumption of each model must be carefully examined before any purchase. Don’t hesitate to renew vehicles as often as possible to limit their mileage. Don’t forget to take a close look at current developments in this field (hybrid engine, fuel cell, electric vehicle).

The other expense item to be secured is maintenance. Not only will you reduce costs, but you will also extend the life of each vehicle while optimizing their individual residual value. At the same time, you will improve user safety.

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