Intelligent building: connected objects for security

In the smart building of tomorrow, all the players in mobility and connectivity will be at ease thanks to the prowess of modern technologies. By using intensive automation of buildings and their equipment, gaining energy efficiency while making substantial savings becomes almost child’s play. Between the optimal use of land and the consideration of environmental issues, the buildings of the future are definitely not doing things by halves.

Safer intelligent buildings thanks to connected objects

If you are still wondering about intelligent building and its definition, don’t think it’s a complicated concept.

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Designed from a network of sensors ingeniously orchestrated to match the habitat and the behavior of the occupants, the smart building aims atenergy efficiency, at low costs. For this, it is imperative that all its technical systems interact with each other, in addition to generating electricity, or avoiding waste.

Examples of use cases abound:

  • indoor and outdoor lighting;
  • the heating, ventilation and air conditioning trio;
  • security of openings;
  • the scope of the service offer, made possible by the collection and centralization of data from users;
  • scheduled maintenance;
  • permanent access to the Internet, facilitating information sharing and communication.

Remote surveillance, alarms, smoke detectors: the role of connected objects to better secure buildings

Home automation is a vast field, where the intelligent building, also known as connected building, finds its true place, but where it also gets its first choice equipment. Because it must be flexible and scalable over time, the smart building is surrounded by IoT innovation, which is bringing about a real revolution in building security management. Here are some of the most common examples, which have convinced many users:

  • Remote monitoring erects a dummy barrier to protect against theft, vandalism and industrial espionage;
  • the smoke detector is essential in all the main rooms, for an effective fire prevention;
  • the systematic maintenance of the right temperatures, without excess and without leakage, allows short and long term savings;
  • the use of video surveillance provides reassurance at all times, in case of prolonged absence from home.

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