Smart Building: digital architecture thanks to new technologies

Digitalization is becoming increasingly important in the real estate and construction sector. The idea is to use the smart building concept to create buildings that are easy to maintain. The latter offer greater comfort to the occupants, thanks to a better knowledge of their needs and the uses of the various spaces.

Automation for architecture: Smart Building

The objective of digitalization in building management is mainly to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to innovations, occupants can enjoy their premises more and benefit from greater comfort. However, the concept of digitalization in the real estate sector is still unclear to many players in the industry.

What is needed is a smart building combined with facility management by automating a large part of the functionalities, so that the use of energy is in line with the real needs of the occupants.

One of the challenges facing architecture today is the need to integrate digital solutions into modern and suitable working environments. Similar requirements apply to residential buildings, as we shall see.

In other words, architects can no longer ignore innovative technologies and systems that facilitate maintenance and resource management in smart buildings.

Smart Building: more comfort, efficiency and respect for the environment thanks to innovation

Today’s technologies, based on digitalization, make it possible to create infrastructures for the management of homes or offices, which have the function of regulating energy consumption by better taking into account the needs of owners and inhabitants. To go even further, the integration of artificial intelligence makes it possible to analyze usage in order to propose adapted systems for heating, lighting and ventilation.

Smart Building ArchitectureIn the case of offices, for example, depending on the occupation of the premises, the needs are not the same at different times of the day. To preserve the environment, by reducing the ecological impact of buildings, it is interesting to better manage heating periods and to ensure that lighting is only used when necessary. Technological innovations make it possible to build management infrastructures that offer optimal comfort thanks to an analysis of the needs of the inhabitants and occupants, taking into account their uses.

The concept of smart building has its place in an environmental approach, which puts innovation and new technologies at the service of the needs of the inhabitants or owners. This is why we are developing intelligent building maintenance solutions, to allow for an optimized use of resources, especially energy.

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