A look back at IoT World 2020, a two-day trade show entirely dedicated to the Internet of Things

The Synox team was present on September 23 and 24 in Paris at the IoT World. The flagship event dedicated to the Internet of Things which was held at the same time as the “MtoM and Connected Objects” exhibition.

Despite this difficult period, we were all eager to participate in THE IoT event of the fall! Accompanied by our partners and customers, we had prepared a rich program

During these 2 days, we talked about devices, connectivity, customizable and intuitive dashboards, POC and interoperable and secure IoT platforms, etc. Here is a look back at the highlights of the show.

The IoT Awards “Jury Prize

One of the highlights of the show.

We won the IoT Awards “Jury Prize” for our IoT project “Development of Intelligent Territories” with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole!

“Par excellence… it’s the prize for excellence! This IoT Awards rewards an IoT project that combines the various criteria of the other awards (originality, innovation, usage, technology, compliance, project management, economic impact, etc.). “

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Customer feedback

SNCF Use Case Workshop with ELA INNOVATION on indoor geolocation [click to see the video]

Wednesday, September 23rd | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Sébastien PRADES, SYNOX OnDemand Manager and Pierre BONZOM, CEO of ELA INNOVATION, will present the challenges and results of the MESH network indoor geolocation project implemented for the SNCF.

Key points discussed:

  • The stakes and objectives of the project
  • The steps and the solution implemented
  • Customer feedback and next steps of the project

You can also watch the replay of a webinar on the same subject: How the IoT allowed the SNCF to easily deploy their indoor geolocation project? co-hosted by Emmanuel Mouton, CEO SYNOX and Pierre BONZOM, CEO ELA INNOVATION


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Preventive maintenance conference with our client EDF [click here to see the video]


Thursday, September 24, 12:00 – 12:30

During this REX, Bertrand BOULEAU, EDF Networks and Telecoms engineer and Sébastien PRADES, SYNOX OnDemand Manager, came back on the steps and results of the preventive maintenance project set up in the telecom technical premises.

Learn more about the project:

The project started with the initial need to collect and analyze in real time key data relating to the ambient conditions of the technical premises: temperature, humidity, and luminosity.

During this conference, our experts discussed the choice of IoT technology and its implementation with SYNOX solutions and support. From the implementation of the Proof of Concept (POC) to the experimentation, all the steps of the project have been addressed.


For more information on this use case, ask for the complete testimonial of our client EDF

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Smart Building Use Case Workshop with our client VIPARIS [Cliquez pour accéder à la présentation]

Thursday, September 24th | 1pm – 2pm

Jean-Baptiste Lardeur, VIPARIS Technical Projects Director, and Laurie Mailhac, SYNOX User Experience Manager , present the objectives, stages and results of the project implemented to optimise the comfort and well-being of visitors.

Discover how the monitoring of the building in which the IoT World exhibition took place at Porte de Versailles is set up. But also how VIPARIS was able to maximise customer satisfaction (+10 points).

European leader in the hosting of congresses and trade fairs, our client VIPARIS looks back at the key stages of the project and the results obtained. From the choice of the solution, to the POC, to the deployment of more than 800 objects to date. Everything is revealed to you.

For more information on this use case, ask for the complete testimonial of our client VIPARIS

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The conferences

We also participated in conferences and “expert opinions” to share our expertise on IoT platforms:


IoT platforms and what they make possible, at the heart of the concerns!

This event was an opportunity to discuss and present our software suite dedicated to the Internet of Things, which allows us to address these issues:

  • SoM2M#IoT – Device & Connectivity management

The multi-sensor and multi-connectivity management platform

It integrates all deployed devices on a single platform that interconnects to all available connectivity networks (private/operated LoRa, Sigfox, Satellite, Multi/mono operator cellular). The collected data can then be routed to any type of data analysis platform.

  • SoDATA#Viz – Data management platform

The intuitive and customizable data visualization platform.

It allows you to give value to data by analyzing and visualizing it in the form of customizable dashboards. It has a high-performance alert system that monitors the operation of devices and warns if thresholds are exceeded.

  • SoSecure#IoT – Security & network management

The platform for securing data flows

A solution that secures connected devices and infrastructures. A dedicated access point within our network from which data flows are routed via a secure tunnel to the corporate networks. Synox offers a single client private APN for all available cellular operators to avoid the risks of object piracy, overconsumption or lack of equipment availability.

Synox offers end-to-end solutions to implement a connected device project easily and independently.

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