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The level of visitor comfort is the first indicator that Viparis seeks to measure. For this purpose, several hundred temperature sensors are positioned in the exhibition halls. It is now possible to correlate the temperature of an area with its energy needs to heat or cool it. It is then easier to propose a better balance between the need for visitor comfort and its energy cost. With the implementation of this project, Viparis was able to imagine new services for the client-organizer of the event, while acting on the pro-activity of the teams in the event of possible concerns related to heating or air conditioning.

In addition to monitoring the temperature of the reception areas, the level of satisfaction of the sanitary facilities was an important issue. With an average of 150 toilets per site, it is absolutely impossible to have the level of cleanliness checked throughout the day and even more difficult to guarantee it. Today, thanks to the solution implemented with Synox, it is possible to know in real time the level of satisfaction with the cleanliness of the premises, and to trigger corrective actions quickly.

The cleaning service has thus gained in operational efficiency, via the data reported by the satisfaction buttons installed on site, while improving the customer satisfaction rate from 70 to 80%.

We had already carried out several unsuccessful – and expensive – POCs before testing SoDATA#Viz but when we saw the real-time curves of our 50 objects, only one week after signing the POC, it quickly convinced us!

Jean-Baptiste LARDEUR, Technical Project Manager

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As a publisher and integrator of IoT platforms, Synox supports companies and communities wishing to implement their IoT projects easily and securely, regardless of the objects and technology used.


Viparis is the European leader in conventions and trade shows. It operates 9 major event sites in the region and welcomes 10 million visitors (general public, professional visitors, spectators) and 800 events in all sectors every year.

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