Remote monitoring to meet plant security needs

Remote monitoring equipment makes it possible to better secure a plant by detecting an incident as early as possible. A quick intervention prevents intruders from committing damage. It also minimizes the damage and maintenance following a possible disaster, allowing the security services to intervene very quickly.

Plant safety: a challenge for manufacturers

Industrial buildings are by definition high-risk sites. An accident can have dramatic consequences for exposed employees. Their employer may be held civilly liable, as well as criminally liable if they were negligent in refusing to implement sufficient safety measures.

A malicious intrusion, motivated for example by theft, can have serious financial consequences for the company. It can lead to the cessation of production, if essential inputs are missing.

The implementation of adequate devices allows to better protect the installations against all these hazards. Securing the premises is an investment that ensures the sustainability of the business!


How to secure an industrial site or a logistic zone?

The safety of a site depends on the permanence of the surveillance. Criminals who want to loot a stock will gladly take advantage of slack periods to commit their misdeeds! The most devastating fires are often those that start when no one is around.

Video surveillance allows 24/7 monitoring of warehouses, buildings and parking lots. Cameras and detectors will be able to secure the site against any intrusion. These systems can also quickly detect a fire outbreak in the absence of personnel at the scene of the first flames and thus avoid major damage.

In addition, regulations impose specific constraints on sites where hazardous chemicals are used or stored.

Remote monitoring for the industry

There are as many use cases on enterprise remote monitoring as there are industries. Detection is in any case the first link in the prevention chain. Conventional cameras can detect any abnormal movement. It will be possible to detect the silhouettes of intruders entering the site.

It may be a good idea to add thermal imaging cameras if the light levels are too low in certain areas. Perimeter or volumetric intrusion detectors allow for the specific protection of certain particularly sensitive areas of the site: any crossing of the protected limits or any movement within the area will thus be effectively detected!

Intelligent solutions can discriminate false alarms, distinguishing between a stray animal and a real burglar.

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