Remote monitoring: the multi-operator M2M SIM card for optimal connectivity and permanent security

Remote monitoring effectively protects professional buildings. In case of absence, cameras equipped with detectors secure the goods and, in the presence of the personnel, control the accesses and alert in case of emergency. These security systems work thanks to an M2M SIM card, a technology linked to the world of connected objects, particularly well suited to the needs of companies.

Remote monitoring: the importance of choosing connectivity

Connectivity is an important consideration when choosing an IoT installation that incorporates sensors and other technologies to connect to various devices and exchange data. It allows, in case of absence and intrusion, the triggering of a siren and the sending of a voice message or an SMS. Depending on the configuration, the message is forwarded to one or more telephone numbers or to a monitoring company.

It is therefore imperative that these devices have a total autonomy and are connected 24/7 without interruption. A video surveillance system equipped with a GSM transmitter is therefore preferable to an Ethernet connection. In view of the high stakes, a failure in the network is not an option. Good connectivity is essential on three levels:

  • for the scope of the coverage ;
  • for the bandwidth speed ;
  • for a continuous connection.

What is a multi-operator M2M SIM card?

An M2M (Machine to Machine) SIM card is a chip integrating a memory microcontroller. It allows the storage of data or applications to be transferred in real time to a specific network. M2M SIM cards are therefore mainly dedicated to professional connected objects.

These cards use GSM networks (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G) and allow roaming on all networks of the various operators, regardless of the country.

They make it possible to get rid of the malfunctions of a mobile operator (network cut, unavailability in white areas, insufficient speed, etc.) and guarantee the continuity of the link since they constantly analyze all the networks around it and automatically connect to the best one at any time.


What’s in it for your company’s security?

Today, the preferred transmission channel for IoT use is the GSM mobile network for reliability (as it is not dependent on the Internet). For companies, this system is at the origin of a wide range of solutions through numerous professional equipments:

  • The M2M card strengthens the
    remote monitoring for building security
    with remote surveillance cameras that continuously filmfacilities and people flows in real time. At night, a detection device will alert in case of abnormal movement, thanks to a heat detector. The motion detector will be triggered by the slightest change in temperature.
  • It makes isolated workers safe. Employees equipped with an alert system will be quickly rescued in case of an emergency after a fall, for example, thanks to the message transmitted immediately to the rescue center, allowing a quick intervention.
  • Building safety is also optimized thanks to the alarm buttons in the elevators to signal a breakdown. Similarly, connected fire alarms alert firefighters to the slightest outbreak of fire, day or night. The M2M card can also be found in biometric access boxes, which are very useful for filtering access to authorized persons only.

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