Remote surveillance: what solutions for companies and their security?

As a business owner, it is essential that you secure your buildings, your equipment and your staff, 7 days a week. To do this, remote monitoring provides excellent protection. Indeed, thanks to this system connected to a remote monitoring center, you are guaranteed to deter attempts at theft, assault, fraud and vandalism.

Remote surveillance: what equipment should be installed for a company?

For prevention and optimal protection, it is possible to install different equipment. There is an alarm system with a siren. The latter can be associated with opening and presence sensors. Some models are equipped with cameras that take pictures in case of intrusion.

The second system includes mobile or fixed video surveillance cameras whose objective is to permanently monitor the premises whether they are occupied or unoccupied.

Finally, it may be prudent to have concealable “ panic buttons ” installed. They are silent and can be activated in the event of a steering lock, for example.

Video surveillance, connected alarm, motion detector: which system to choose?

Video surveillance combined with a connected alarm and a remote monitoring center is an excellent solution for securing a company’s premises and personnel.

Depending on the subscription you choose, you can benefit from many options: motion, fire and presence detections. The reactivity of an agent to your territory can also take place in case of suspicion of break-in or the mere presence of an individual.

Finally, security patrols, geolocation of the domains, protection of a lone worker and access control allow for the filtering of building entrances and exits through video protection. All these interventions can be performed by an application or software.


The advantages of video surveillance for companies

The various video surveillance installations in a company allow to secure it in its entirety. The regulation of the remote surveillance offers the possibility to the entrepreneurs to be alerted remotely 7 days a week of the facts which take place in the establishment.

Depending on the services subscribed to, they can be notified as soon as possible. The rapid intervention of an agent is a strong point of remote monitoring, since the latter quickly notifies the police if necessary. System maintenance is carried out regularly.

By subscribing to a remote surveillance center, you benefit from the latest innovations and new technologies. If the regulation imposes to the companies to respect the Data-processing law and Freedoms concerning the recordings of the data of the individuals, the video surveillance facilitates the pursuits in the event of offences.

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