Fixed public IP: the innovative, more secure solution

According to a June 2024 study by Statista, relayed by Requea, the IoT market represented $14.5 billion in 2023, of which only $3 billion came from the B2C segment. This augurs considerable expansion for the IoT (Internet Of Things) in businesses across all sectors. Our partner Requea recalls and explains these figures, highlighting the importance of high-performance, secure and easy-to-manage connectivity solutions for businesses. At Synox, as an M2M operator, we set ourselves apart with a secure fixed public IP offering, an innovative alternative to traditional telecom operator solutions.

What is fixed public IP?

A fixed public IP is a unique, constant public IP address assigned to a device, object or network. Unlike dynamic IP addresses, which change regularly, a fixed IP allows permanent identification on the network, facilitating remote access and management of connected equipment.

What is secure fixed public IP?

Public fixed IPs have often been considered risky, due to their potential exposure to attack. Dynamic IPs, by definition, are constantly changing and “leave no trace”.

Fixed public IP

But at Synox, we’re changing the game by offering a secure public fixed IP, combining the advantages of public fixed IP with enhanced security. In particular, to meet the expectations of those who can’t set up a private network, for reasons often linked to their business and their uses of IoT.

Do operators offer fixed public IP?

Yes, but unlike conventional operators, Synox offers two flexible options:

  1. Secure public fixed IP: A public IP protected by advanced security measures and a specific restriction system, which in no way alters connectivity.
  2. Private fixed IP: A private IP using an APN (Access Point Name) to secure connections.


    Synox uses sophisticated filtering techniques to ensure that only connections from authenticated users are authorized, minimizing the risks associated with fixed public IPs. This secure fixed public IP works in a similar way to a private IP with an APN, offering maximum security.

Why use a secure fixed public IP?

Remote access and connectivity

Secure fixed public IP is ideal for users requiring direct, secure access to remote equipment:

private ip

    • In-plant machines: Remote monitoring and control of machines, enabling proactive maintenance and reduced downtime.
    • Field equipment: Supervision and adjustment of equipment deployed in remote areas without the need for physical travel.
    • Gateways in remote buildings: Remote control of security, heating or air-conditioning systems.
    • Operators: Secure, risk-free access to remote equipment.

When should I use a secure fixed public IP?

The Synox offer is particularly aimed at private entities with end-user customers. It’s also ideal for companies with small customers, or for temporary installations requiring reliable, secure connectivity over a given period.

Simplicity and efficiency

Unlike a private APN, which is often complex to configure and deploy, a fixed public IP does not require a private VPN tunnel. This makes management much easier for companies that don’t have the resources to deploy this type of solution.

Security and IP pooling

Synox also stands out for its pooling of IPs, which limits risk while offering competitive pricing in a tight market.

In fact, despite the scarcity of public fixed IPs, this pooling ensures optimum use of resources, offering a secure, cost-effective solution for both the administrator and end-users.

private ip

The advantages of fixed public IP

    • Enhanced security: filtering of known users and limitation of open ports, reducing the risk of attacks.
    • Competitive pricing: pooling IPs for efficient, cost-effective use.
    • Easy to set up: no complex configuration required, unlike a private APN.

By offering a secure, easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution, Synox has positioned itself as a leader vis-à-vis traditional operators. Companies looking for reliable and secure connectivity solutions can rely on our innovation and expertise to meet their specific needs.

The secure fixed public IP offer enables IoT to diversify and combine performance, security and simplicity. Faced with growing demand for reliable connectivity solutions, we at Synox have chosen an innovative, cost-effective approach, guaranteeing optimal connectivity for businesses in all sectors. Contact us to find out more about our public and private IP solutions.

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