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Our partnership

The partnership between Synox and Ercogener is based on the complementary expertise and know-how of both players. Ercogener specializes in the design and marketing of sensors, while Synox provides its expertise in software and IoT platforms to manage the entire hardware part and collect data, then visualize them. The complementary nature of the two partners allows them to cover the entire value chain and to support their customers throughout their projects.


The values shared by Synox and its partner Ercogener

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High technology

We have the will to bring a constant evolution in the products by innovating in the interest of the customers.



We are committed to pooling our knowledge and skills in order to share and design together.


IoT expert


We put our expertise at the service of technological performance, to improve your confidence in us.


Ercogener - 1

    Part of the ZeKat Group, Ercogener is a major player in intelligent and communicating system solutions. From “IoT” (Internet of Things, designating the process of connecting physical objects to the Internet) to “MtoM” (Machine to Machine, designating communications between machines without human intervention), Ercogener is positioned as the leading specialist in advanced technologies. The start-up spirit drives us on a daily basis, with this quest for the best product for our customers and specific advice for each need. Ercogener also attaches great importance to the “Made in France” and is proud to design and manufacture its products on the national territory.

    Verbatim Synox Mathieu

    Mathieu BORIE, Business Manager at Synox

    Why does the synergy work so well with Ercogener? Because they share the same values and the same corporate vision as we do. The combination of their hardware expertise and ours at the platform level allows for an adapted and user-centered response.

    Ercogener verbatim

    Ludovic DE NICOLAY, General Manager of Ercogener

    Thanks to the combination of our two expertises, we have been able to respond to numerous customer use cases. Our teams share the same vision centered around the customer. Our agility and complementarity have enabled us to simplify the customer experience by offering adapted and packaged solutions.

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    Partner Program

    Our “Connected Cold Chain” Starter Kit

    Bundle - Connected cold chain

      A turnkey solution to control and manage your cold chain.

      The respect for the cold chain in terms of food and pharmaceutical products is a major issue for the supply chain.

      If the cold chain is broken, the food thaws and then refreezes, allowing bacteria to grow. The heat-sensitive medicines transport also poses a complex problem of cold chain management in a public health context.


      Moderator of our webinar

      During our webinar “How IoT facilitates and secures the operation of the cold chain, and for what benefits?”, Fred DATCHARY, Area Sales Representative at Ercogener and Mathieu BORIE, Business Manager at Synox presented during 45 minutes the challenges of the cold chain and how IoT can respond.

      0625 - Webinar - How IoT facilitates and secures the cold chain

      Our “Asset tracking” starter kit

      Bundle - Asset tracking

        A turnkey real-time geolocation solution for mobile objects or goods in transit.

        The Asset Tracking Starter Kit allows you to easily set up a real-time geolocation solution for mobile objects (car, truck, boat, construction or agricultural machinery, etc.) and transported goods (pallets, containers, dumpsters, etc.).

        The sensor contained in the Starter Kit Asset Tracking also allows you to detect zone exits, but also potential shocks and thefts.

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        Ludovic DE NICOLAY gives us his vision of the partnership and tells us more about this win-win relationship between Synox and Ercogener.

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