Smart Logistics webinar

How does the IoT facilitate and secure the operation of the cold chain? and for what benefits?

Feedback from Ercogener

Tuesday June 25, 2020 from 11:00 to 11:45

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The program

45 minutes to understand all the issues and challenges faced by the stakeholders of the cold supply chain and see how IoT can respond.

Mathieu Borie, Business Developer of Synox and Fred Datchary, Area Sales Representative of Ercogener will present their vision on “the too much degree risk” and their feedback on the potential of IoT:

  • Preservation of product quality
  • Reduction of loss of goods
  • Traceability and responsibilities
  • Brand image and customer experience

Key points discussed

  • How does real-time monitoring and geolocation work?
  • Where to start and according to what jobs?
  • What are the progress indicators and the success factors?
  • What solution does Synox/Ercogener offer to regain control of the cold chain?

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As an integrator and publisher of IoT platforms, Synox assists companies and local authorities wishing to implement their IoT projects easily and securely, whatever the objects and technology used.


Designer and manufacturer of connected objects, Ercogener offers, since 1981, a wide range of services by integrating the permanent evolution of technologies and networks.

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Smart Logistics

How does the IoT facilitate and secure the operation of the cold chain?

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