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Our partnership

The partnership between Synox and ELA Innovation is based on the complementary expertise and know-how of both players. ELA Innovation specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of sensors, while Synox provides its expertise in software and IoT platforms to manage all the hardware and collect data, then visualize them. The complementary nature of the two partners allows them to cover the entire value chain and to support their customers throughout their projects.


The values shared by Synox and its partner ELA Innovation



We have at heart to bring a constant evolution of our solutions by being actors of the technological innovations of our sector.



Our common ambition? Reduce the carbon footprint of our solutions as much as possible and make the IoT an aid to the preservation of our planet.

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Customer satisfaction

We are committed to always putting the customer at the center of our strategy, providing quality products and services that are built to last.


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    For more than 20 years, ELA Innovation has been designing and manufacturing wireless IoT sensors deployed in various industrial sectors around the world. Its mission: to enable companies to measure, optimize and secure their resources and production processes by collecting a wide range of data.

    Verbatim Synox Hugo

    Hugo LEMOINE, Partner Manager at Synox

    The beacons and autonomous sensors designed and manufactured by ELA Innovation, embedding different communication technologies, allow us to offer our customers a complete solution in different sectors of activity. The partnership established several years ago is a fine result of the work of two Montpellier IoT players who are both committed to ecodesign!


    verbatim ELA INNOVATION

    Pierre BONZOM, CEO of ELA Innovation

    This partnership between Synox and ELA Innovation allows us to better support companies in their digital transformation by offering them a turnkey solution that is easy to deploy. As a manufacturer of beacons and IoT sensors, it is important for us to build strong relationships with solution providers like Synox in order to meet the business needs of end users.

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    Partner Program

    Our “Indoor Geolocation” Starter Kit

    Bundle - Indoor geolocation

      A turnkey solution to geolocate your indoor equipment.

      The Indoor Geolocation Starter Kit adapted to industrial environments is a turnkey solution allowing you to meet all your needs in industrial equipment location and people location in indoor environments.

      Real-time indoor location solutions address a wide range of issues such as safety, performance optimization, maintenance, automation and scheduling.



      Moderator of our webinar

      During our French webinar “Comment l’IoT a permis à la SNCF de déployer son projet de géolocalisation indoor ?”, meaning “How IoT allowed SNCF to easily deploy their indoor geolocation project?”, Pierre BONZOM, CEO of ELA Innovation and Emmanuel MOUTON, CEO of Synox presented during 45 minutes the challenges of indoor geolocation and how IoT can answer them.

      1205 - Webinar - IoT for indoor geolocation

      The SNCF success story, in video

      Discover the success story

      How to set up an indoor geolocation solution?

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      Pierre BONZOM gives us his vision of the partnership and tells us more about this win-win relationship between Synox and ELA Innovation.

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