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The partnership between Synox and Adeunis is based on the complementary nature of the offer it provides. Adeunis specializes in the design and marketing of sensors, while Synox provides expertise in software and IoT platforms for managing the hardware, collecting data and visualizing it. The complementary nature of the two partners allows them to cover the entire value chain and to support their customers throughout their projects.

Visiativ IoT Project Webinar

    In a connected world, Adeunis facilitates the deployment of IoT projects thanks to its connected sensors and solutions, as well as an expert service. Adeunis is the expert in IoT solutions dedicated to optimizing building management (Smart Building). Its mission is to support the digitalization of our customers’ businesses through IoT solutions, in order to improve energy efficiency, enhance user comfort and optimize equipment maintenance.

    Values shared by Synox and its partner Adeunis

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    We have the will to bring a constant evolution in the products by innovating in the interest of the customers.



    Our ambition? Reduce energy consumption as much as possible in order to preserve our planet.



    Adeunis and Synox are committed to working as a team, and co-constructing solutions to take things further.

    Our “Remote meter reading” starter kit

    Bundle - Remote reading of water meters

      A turnkey solution for remote meter reading and real-time consumption monitoring

      The Remote Meter Reading Starter Kit allows you to measure the flow of your meters and monitor your consumption in real time. The data collected at regular intervals will enable you to monitor potential overconsumption, and to be alerted in the event of a leak. It provides operators and infrastructure managers with a real-time remote reading solution to reduce consumption, anticipate technical interventions and cut costs.

      Verbatim Synox Hugo

      Hugo LEMOINE, Partner Manager at Synox

      The partnership between Adeunis and Synox offers a complete connected solution for public and private building operators, to optimize user comfort, energy performance and asset maintenance.

      verbatim ADEUNIS

      Michael MARET, Adeunis Sales Director

      Our partnership with Synox enables us to offer our joint customers a high-quality, end-to-end solution for the IoT value chain. The solutions offered by Synox enable us to transform the raw data collected by our sensors into real added value for our customers.

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